6 Ways to Bloom into the Youth of your Health!


I believe that our body is one of the greatest machines. I also believe that maintaining a machine to ensure that it functions well is a huge challenge. We all have been taught about the importance of maintaining a good health. We all know the importance of taking a balanced diet. But the problem is that though we know all about it,are simply not doing anything about it. That is more like sitting on a ticking time bomb and this is one of the worst habits.

Let’s see what we can do to get back into the rhythm.

The Fountain of Youth

I believe that I want to make a difference and bring my body back onto the fittest possible condition. I liked it when I was in the pink of my health and I am sure you too might. Forget about the major steps, here are some small things which you can do and get a healthier body:

1. Prefer being barefoot

barefoot image

It has been proved that if you go barefoot in summer, you will have a lot of advantages. It improves the circulation of blood and provides us with a happy mood. It also has a direct impact on our posture and makes the arch of our back more prominent.

2. Burning fat and sweating is not the same

burning fat

We may have been regulars at sauna and may have been sweating in pails but it is all in vain. One needs to burn fat to actually get healthier. For burning fat you need to exercise and increase your heart rate. Simply sweating will only increase the body temperature and that is not the way to burn fat.

3. Boost by yelling

yelling copy

Yes, if you yell the correct motivation phrases while you work out, you do not just boost your work out but will also improve your self confidence. If you yell things like,” I am getting stronger” while you punch or kick or lift, it does help you. You may not get too strong by this but it makes a positive impact on your body language.

4. Interval training

interval training 2

Any cardio exercise can be the best for burning fat when it exceeds duration of at least twenty minutes. Short bursts of sprint can be all the more effective when taken with calculative intervals.

5. Take advices and tweak them accordingly

take advice

There may have been many fitness regimes that you may have come across. It may have worked well for celebrities but you do not have to follow it to the word. Make changes in it as per your requirements and lifestyles.

6. Focus more on the kitchen than the gym

focus more on the kitchen

Though we all work out and believe that we are fit, we should actually focus and check our diet as it can be a huge factor.

There is nothing like miracle meds or phenomenal herbs – your health is only in your hands only if you decide to take care of the body that has been bestowed to you. There can be methods to make you stay healthy and if you have a strong will to make sure that you want to live happily and healthy!

I am a Health guru and I do dig the Indian treasure of Ayurveda, Home Remedies & positive attitude psychology stuff for this blog.


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