A New Kind of Cookie Subscription Box for 2021

Cookie Subscription Box
Cookie Subscription Box

It seems like you can get a monthly subscription box for just about anything. If you are into makeup there are boxes for that. If you want to get treats for your dog there is one for that too. You would struggle to name something that you can not subscribe to get a monthly subscription box for.

Get Cookies Delivered Straight to Your Door

One exciting thing you can have sent to you monthly is a selection of cookies. What could be better? Not much if you ask many people. There is something so satisfying about a nice soft cookie. Being able to scratch your sweet tooth without having to do anything but open a box and unseal a wrapper sounds divine.

What Are Your Choices

To discover choices all you have to do is google “cookie subscription box” and you will get a list of several results. If you don’t want to sift through those results continue to read and you can find out about some of the more popular choices and what makes them stand out.

Cookie of the Month by Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

If you are a more adventurous eater and are not picky about what you receive monthly this may be the box for you. They will send you a dozen handmade cookies each month but they are the chef’s choice so you will never know what is coming. This can be exciting or absolute torment depending on the person. They also have an option to just have one large cookie cake delivered monthly. They overall have good reviews just depends if you are ok gambling with what kind of cookies you will get.

Cookie of the Month Club by Feed Your Soul

This is a better option if you want to know exactly what you are getting each month. They also send 12 cookies a month but 11 of them will be the same every month. The twelfth will always be a seasonal choice. This allows you a chance to try something new each month without the fear that you will not like anything in your box. This company also had decent reviews. I could not find much info on the seasonal cookies but people seem to enjoy the other flavors.

Monthly Box by Nunbelievable Cookies

This company offers you a choice of getting a half dozen or a dozen cookies sent to your door monthly. You can choose to have your whole box be one flavor or get a variety of flavors. They also offer a gluten-free option. It is a double chocolate cookie and the reviews make it sound divine. If you have a gluten allergy this is the box for you. Another really exciting thing about this box is what the company does when you buy a cookie.

Nunbelievable Cookies is different from all the other boxes we have discussed. When you purchase a cookie from them they donate one meal to a person in need. That means every month you will be feeding six to twelve meals to people who need your help. This should make every bite of these cookies guilt-free.

When you are ready to choose your cookie subscription box you now have all the info you need to make the best choice. When deciding which one is best for you think if you want a different kind of cookie each month or is helping others your biggest concern. Whatever your choice you will not be disappointed because no matter what you will be setting at home eating delicious cookies.

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