Nutrition importance for atletes

Why Nutrition Is Important When Becoming An Athlete

Being an athlete requires you to have a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right foods and getting sufficient amounts of nutrients can help you achieve...

Medical Tourism – Affordable Treat and Treatment

The world is an amalgamation of different cultures. There are so many different places worth watching and travelling to that one really will be...


Yoga Poses For Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain

Yoga Poses For Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain

When the subject ‘tailbone’ conjures up most of us have one common question to ask and that is “why do we have a tailbone?”...
Intermittent Fasting 101

Intermittent Fasting 101: The Best Times Of The Day To Avoid Food

Intermittent fasting isn’t a diet in a conventional sense. But, it’s an eating plan wherein an individual creates an alternating schedule of eating and...
Benefits of Lion's Mane

The Benefits of Lion’s Mane – Four Brain-y Benefits of This Potent Nootropic

(Image source: Lebrac / CC BY-SA (" href=",_Hericium_erinaceus.jpg) Admit it: sometimes we don’t realize how important our brains are. Because the brain works automatically and never...
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Weed edibles

How can you benefit from weed edibles?

People have seen weed as a medium of toxicity for decades. However, scientific interaction has changed these superstitions. Though weed is a psychedelic plant,...
Improve Your Mood In The Morning

How To Improve Your Mood In The Morning With Exercise

With today’s busy schedule of many people, not all wake up in a good mood, especially if you have a lot of things you...
Power Foods That Are Great for Your Brain

10 Power Foods That Are Great for Your Brain

Eating a healthy diet is just one way to extend your years and improve your quality of life. We all have heard that we...
Bloodborne Pathogens

5 Misconceptions About Bloodborne Pathogens

As the world continues to fight and be cautious about the COVID-19 virus, there are...
5 Ways to Maintain a Good Shape During Summertime

5 Ways to Maintain a Good Shape During Summertime

Summer is finally here; the most awaited season for people who love being out in...

Tantalize your taste buds with Middle East Specials

The Arabian nights were surely a favorite of all at some point of their life....
alzheimer's prevention diet

Can Diet Prevent and Cure Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is always a devastating diagnosis for patients and their families alike. Few illnesses...
Signs of Eating Disorders: Types and Symptoms

Types Of Eating Disorders You May Not Realise You Have

If you're like a lot of modern people these days, you might say "eating is...


Foods That Help You Stay Awake

Wakey-Wakey! 7 Foods That Keep You Awake All Day Long

Are you the kind of person who dozes off at work? Can't seem to resist an afternoon nap? Here are foods to keep you awake! We...


101 Body-Sculpting Workouts & Nutrition Plans

Body Shaping 101 for Women

Every woman wishes to enjoy a gorgeous body and forget all about a fluffy tummy or the so-called “love handles”. But, not just the...
Clean Purified Water

Importance of Clean Purified Water 

Water is an essential component of our bodies. 60% component of the human body is water. Many developed countries have access to pure water,...

Why You Should Try Meditation as Part of Your Recovery Process

Drug and alcohol recovery is so much more than simply attaining sobriety. The main purpose of recovery is to help you understand how you...
The Most Expensive Foods on Earth

The Most Expensive Foods on Earth

Food is a necessity that must never be considered more for anything else but sating our appetites, no matter what the price may be....