How Yoga Helps Addicts Recover

How Yoga Helps Addicts Recover

There are no one-sized-fits-all methods to recovery. It is not an exact science. What works for some, may not work at all for others....

Know how to make Birria – 9 Minutes Recipe

This Summer Vacation I was in Mexico and had a lovely travel and food experience. Here I have shared the recipe of one of...


Importance Of Peer Review Research

Importance Of Peer Review Research When Formulating New Food And Drug Products

Food and drugs are sensitive topics for most people. This is not surprising because they are vital to maintaining health and wellness. Besides, the...

Why Have an Eyelift Instead of a Facelift?

Appearance is a significant component of a person’s overall self-esteem and self-confidence. Age causes the lower eyelids to become baggy, affecting your look. The...
Wild vs Farmed Salmon - Can Some Fish be Bad For You?

Wild Salmon or Salmon From Aquaculture? What You Should Know When Buying Salmon!

Sure, everybody wants to eat healthy, and some even like preparing healthy meals for their loved ones. But the choice has not always between...
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When to See a General Surgeon

When to See a General Surgeon

If your health practitioner has recommended that you undergo emergency surgery or just a common operation, a general surgeon will handle your case. However,...
When to Give Your 8-Year-Old a Protein Drink

When to Give Your 8-Year-Old a Protein Drink

Children need the right nutrition to keep them going. With younger children, especially, it is challenging to ensure that they are eating the right...
Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

10 Health Benefits of Yoga

Weight loss, a solid and versatile body, beautiful glowing epidermis, peaceful mind, health - whatever you’re looking for, yoga has it. However, frequently, yoga...
daily supplements for health and longevity

Best 4 ViteDox daily supplements for health and longevity

While a balanced diet is certainly the best way to nourish your body, the appearance...
How can Piles be treated?

Best Ways to Treat Piles with Simple Home Remedies

Piles in other words, known as Hemorrhoids. Piles is defined as enlarged blood vessels that...
Things You Didn’t Know About Acupuncture

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Acupuncture (But Probably Should)

Although acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have become much more mainstream over the past couple...
Winter Skin Care Ayurveda Tips

Ayurveda Skin Care in Winter Time

Winter is special. Fresh white snow under our feet and the starry sky above cast...

Ayurvedic and Traditional Home Remedies for Eating Disorders

Abstract The word eating is just a name but eating disorder is more than that of...


Gluten-Free Birthday Celebration

4 Recipes For A Gluten-Free Birthday Celebration

For parents of children who can not have gluten, hosting a birthday party can be very scary. Especially when you are trying to cater...


Power Foods That Are Great for Your Brain

10 Power Foods That Are Great for Your Brain

Eating a healthy diet is just one way to extend your years and improve your quality of life. We all have heard that we...
Women's Health in Thailand

Women’s Health Centers in Thailand

For around 6 million years humans have dwelt and evolved on planet Earth. Each manifestation of the beast overlapped with previous, more primitive incarnations....
CBD for Dogs & Cats: Hemp Oil Use

Move Over People: Why Pet Owners Are Giving CBD OIl to...

If you thought it was controversial that people are using cannabis to improve their health, did you know that there is now hemp oil...

Understanding Ovulation

Ovulation is a part of the female menstrual cycle where an egg is discharged from the follicle of the ovary. It is during this...