Nutrition importance for atletes

Why Nutrition Is Important When Becoming An Athlete

Being an athlete requires you to have a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right foods and getting sufficient amounts of nutrients can help you achieve...
5 Myths about Ovarian Cancer

5 Myths about Ovarian Cancer

So far back as 2014, a research article published in NCBI suggested that ovarian cancer was the sixth most common cause of tumor in...


Vaginal Health

What Women Needs To Know About Vaginal Health

Your vaginal health is as important as any other part of your body. As you age, there can be changes in your body. This...
Using cannabis for chronic pain

How Cannabis Can Help Fight Chronic Pain

Cannabis and all derivatives that come from it remain a topic that elicits different reactions whenever a discussion about it arises. What is not...

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Bedwetting

Abstract Every individual desire to attain a healthy mind and body. To be free from any illness is the prime motive or we can say...
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Tips for Healthy Children

5 Tips for Healthy Children and Families

Every parent wants to lay a strong foundation for their family's good health, so adopting the right health tips from the beginning is essential....
better night's sleep

7 Ways to Relax Before Bed and Fall Asleep Quicker

We all know that it is extremely important to relax and unwind before turning in for the night. Doing so helps to put us...
How to Ferment Foods

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Ferment Foods

Fermentation is the process through which bacteria and other microorganisms break down substances. It’s through controlled fermentation that we are able to produce cheese,...
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Constipation

15 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Constipation Immediately and Naturally!

Constipation is an extremely common problem. It’s thought to affect around 20% of Americans that...
Home Gym Essentials

Home Gym Essentials 

Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape and improve your...

The silent cancer every woman must know about

Johannesburg, 29 October 2019 - Breast cancer is on the increase in women. However, there...

How to Stay Healthy While Working Remotely During the Pandemic

Regardless of your occupation, the truth is that these past months haven’t been easy for...
How To Brush Your Teeth A Step-By-Step Approach

How To Brush Your Teeth A Step-By-Step Approach

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL! Mark Waltzer, D.M.D. demonstrates the proper way to brush one's teeth, providing tips and techniques that will help keep teeth and gums healthy. For more information, visit Facebook Blog Channel Page


How Drugs And Alcohol Affect Your Mental Health

5 Ways Drugs And Alcohol Affect Your Mental Health

Alcohol can induce people to lose their inhibitions and act impulsively, leading to behaviors they would not have committed otherwise, such as self-harm and...


All You Need to Know About Wine Cellar Cooling Units

All You Need to Know About Wine Cellar Cooling Units

A wine collection is a truly worthy investment that has no price tag as far as wine enthusiasts are concerned. When wine is collected,...
How To Incorporate CBD To Your Daily Meals

How To Incorporate CBD To Your Daily Meals

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly as more and more products are now being studied and used to treat different health problems. Most of...
Baking for Health-Conscious Eaters

Baking for Health-Conscious Eaters: 6 Tips for Aspiring Pastry Chefs

Becoming a pastry chef is no easy task, but it can be quite fulfilling if you’re passionate and driven. However, you need to go...
Menopause Symptoms CBD Could Help

7 Menopause Symptoms CBD Could Help

One of the biggest concerns for most women is managing the entirety of their reproductive cycle. It is a tough task to keep up...