6 Work Occasions When Ordering Pizza in Miami Beach is Especially Great

Pizza in Miami Beach
Pizza in Miami Beach

Pizza is great any time, including during working hours. Just as there are plenty of occasions at home that call for ordering pizza, it’s not hard to think of times at work when this type of food is a perfect fit. That’s why I keep a list of my pizza and sub shops near me and my place of employment. Here are some of the occasions when we’ve decided that pizza delivery was the way to go.

Good Food For a Working Lunch

Anyone who has ever been assigned to a special project, such as working on a response to a proposal request, knows that things can get intense. When you’re on a roll and don’t want to lose momentum, breaking for lunch is not the most desirable thing. Even so, you do have to eat.

It’s easy enough to call in a pizza order that will feed everyone working on the request, and then get back to work. Even while people are at the conference room table enjoying the food, ideas about what to do with the next section of the proposal are flying.

Or Pulling a Longer Shift

Shift work is the norm in many professions. From the medical field to manufacturing, people may be called upon to work more hours than they are usually scheduled to work. While it’s wonderful that you’re willing to fill in when someone is sick, there’s still the matter of having something to eat.

You’ll find that the best Miami’s pizza restaurants are happy to deliver to hospitals, manufacturing plants, and other businesses where people are always working. Order what you like, and it will be easy to enjoy a hot meal when you can take a break.

Celebrating a Coworker’s Birthday

All of us like to be remembered on our birthdays. Even so, a busy workplace makes it difficult to plan a more formal celebration. That means setting up something in the break area or a conference room.

Without a doubt, a cake and balloons will be part of the celebration. For something substantial to eat, consider having two or three different kinds of pizzas, and maybe a platter of sub sandwiches. Depending on where you order the good, a pasta dish or two may also be included. Add in something good to drink, and everyone will have plenty to enjoy.

Or Experiencing an Outstanding Month of Revenue Generation

The entire team works hard to grow the business. From sales to customer service to those who supply the actual good or service, bringing in new clients and keeping them happy is a priority. The outcome is a month when the total revenue generation is far more than normal.

That’s a milestone calling for a celebration. To that end, a pizza party that everyone can attend is a must. Order plenty of food, drink, and desserts for the occasion. Set up the food in a common area that all employees can visit. Business owners can use this as one more way to show appreciation for the hard work that everyone puts into making the business a success.

Keep in mind that if the business works around the clock, think beyond how much food is needed to feed the day crew. Ensure there’s enough pizza and other goodies on hand for those who will be working that night. Even if the pizza has to be warmed up, you can bet the night team will enjoy being included in the celebration.

A Bad Weather Day

While it’s sunshine and clear skies most of the time, there are days when the weather isn’t conducive to going out. Instead of thinking about where to go for lunch, most employees turn their attention to local eateries that will bring the food to them. That way, they can stay in and not have to get out in the less-than-ideal weather.

You can bet that pizza delivery Miami Beach FL is a great solution for days like these. Order by phone or online, take care of a few small tasks until the food shows up, then settle down to enjoy a nice meal without having to worry about what’s going on outside. It’ll make lunch a lot more pleasant. Best of all, there’s no commute when it’s time to get back to work.

Remember that the pizzeria likely has a few other options to enjoy. That includes a selection of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, and even desserts that pair well with the pizza. It will be easy to come up with selections that will fit just about any taste.

A Going Away or Retirement Party During Work Hours

Sometimes a member of the team will get a job offer that’s too good to pass up. At other times, someone who has been with the company for a long time will decide to retire. With either situation, it’s a nice gesture to have one last celebration with the departing team member.

While there may be plans for something more elaborate after hours, the fact is that not all employees will be able to attend that event. Opting to have something on the premises during working hours means more people can drop in, have a bite, and wish the departing team member all the good wishes in the world. At the same time, they can have something good to eat.

What’s the perfect solution for this less formal goodbye party? Ordering plenty of options for pizza in Miami, spreading it all out for everyone to help themselves, then setting up a spot for drinks and sweets. You can rest assured that the team will have a good time, and that the departing employee will have one more pleasant memory to take with them.

When you think about it, there are plenty of other reasons why ordering pizza for the workplace is a good idea. If it’s been some time since you and your employees did this sort of thing, why not make the call to a local pizzeria today? Whether there’s a special occasion or no occasion at all, you can bet that everyone will have a good time.

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