Masturbation – to be (do) or not to be (do)?

Defined as the sexual stimulation of ones own private parts (genital) for sexual excitement with the point of achieving an orgasm, masturbation is a subject that no one wants to speak of, but everybody wants to know all about it. Ok, we have evolved a lot lately, and masturbation is no taboo today, at least in the civilized world, and a lot of people are openly speaking of it, about the health benefits of masturbation, about ways to do it right, about many other thing and trying to open the curtain of uncertainty and fear.

Shown throughout the history, evidence show that masturbation has been depicted and discussed in very early writings, from described from some theologians and physicians as disgusting, hideous, sinful, and similar of a kind, all the way up to painting real works of art and representing the nature of a human being pleasuring one self, arts of work by Gerda Wegener, Johann Nepomuk Geiger and many more world renowned artists. Poets write poems for it, writing write novels for it, everybody tries to accept it, except for the occasional religious groups and even some governments in the world.

Latest studies have shown that the number of people masturbating is increasing, and some researchers even say that the number is the same as ever, but people talking about it normally is increasing, which is probably the case. One study shows that 95 % of men and 89% of women reported they have masturbated in the life, and lets’ face it, it is probably the first sexual experience of every last one of us, young and curious exploring your body, which is absolutely normal and healthy in fact.

Why we masturbate no one really knows for sure, but it is probably because of the good feeling, and not just at the end of it, but throughout the whole process. We do it to release tension and stress, those who know of the masturbation health benefits do it because they know how healthy it is, some do it out of habit. And not only single people practice it, people in relationship do it also, one study even shows that people in relationship who masturbate regularly are happier couples, and couples that tend to last more, as a couple and sexually too.

Ok, let us check the facts and see what the health benefits of masturbation are and what the risks of masturbation are. We’re going to firstly list the benefits, because as you might have guessed, this list is much longer than the other.

Benefits of masturbation:

  1. Masturbation for cancer prevention – a Australian study and a study made by Harvard’s Health Professional Followup found that ejaculating more than five time per week decreases the probability of developing prostate cancer by third (normally this is addressed to men). A lot more studies cover this statement loudly lately, namely, ejaculating sperm clears out the disease causing toxins built up in our prostate.

  2. Masturbation for health immune system – According to M.D. Jennifer Landa, a specialist in hormone therapy, masturbation increases level of hormone cortisol, which is considered to be a chaos moving hormone, but in small doses, masturbation regulates and maintains the immune system.

  3. Masturbation improves sleeping processes – masturbation also releases dopamine – hormone that activates the center for pleasure (felt as a surge of pleasure during orgasm), and also releases endorphin, which decreases the sensation of pain. This helps sleep better, and at women it helps reducing the menstrual pain in long-term.

  4. Masturbation improves your sex life – From a physical point of view, regular masturbation strengthens the muscle, and not your arm muscles, we are talking about penile and vaginal muscles and by gaining this benefit, you will improve your sex life, sex drive, and thus improve your self-esteem!

  5. Masturbation for higher fertility – Many studies have shown that regular masturbation increases the sperm count, because of the fresh spermatozoids produced after ejaculation. Don’t worry about depletion, it doesn’t work that way, it is just the opposite. More production, better quality, and higher fertility!

  6. Getting to know your body, and your needs – women who regularly masturbate have a better sex life, because they know their body and their needs better, and it is easier to explain to your partner where’s Waldo!

Although there are many claims for the health benefits of masturbation, M.D. Tobias S. Kohler, professor at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield says that there is still a difference between the orgasms while masturbating and orgasms during sexual intercourse. No one knows for sure why, at least yet, but the levels of cortisol, prolactine, dopamine, and other hormones are different, however, both are good for your health.

Masturbation side effects:

. Many doctors argue today that there are no actual risks of masturbation, that there are no levels of masturbation, that any dose is normal, so forget about the normal, healthy, not normal and dangerous level, they don’t exist.

The biggest risk of masturbation is being condemned by some group of various beliefs, as being sinful, and the risk of taking it too far, compulsive masturbation. The second one is mostly addressed to another mental issues expressed by compulsive behavior channeled thru masturbation, where the masturbation should be considered a symptom, and not a cause, at least according to most of the psychologists and therapists in the western world. And this is considered if you perform couple of times per day, for a couple of years!

There has been no causal relationship between masturbation and any known kind of mental or physical disorder, don’t worry about hairy palms, getting blindness, getting old, low sperm quality, none of that is true. Even the claim that you can fracture your penis masturbating is funny, it is like putting risky going to your barber, if he wants, he can cut your throat, but that is not why you came. It is the same with penile fracture, just don’t do it violently, and you won’t have any trouble.

And of course, frequent masturbation can take up your energy, and you might feel a bit tired.

Summing it up, masturbation is healthy, and there are no side effects, as long as you keep it in normal borders, and not go towards OCD. Just enjoy it, alone or with your partner, with the smart use of toys, or hands only, be gentle, and you’ll do just fine!