An introduction to CBD and how to use it in food

CBD and how to use it in food
CBD and how to use it in food

The world has been going cannabidiol (CBD) crazy in recent times, with products made from the hemp compound taking the alternative health market by storm. CBD is a dream product for many, in that it has the benefits you can get from cannabis without any of the pesky psychoactive intoxication.

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CBD is certainly very therapeutic, with Krypted CBD products helping to soothe symptoms of physical and mental conditions alike. However, CBD is also a wonderful supplement, and is teeming with health benefits that make it a unique food ingredient. We’ll show you how to easily bring CBD into your life in this post, and how it could help you.

Beneficial for the endocannabinoid system

We all have endocannabinoid systems (ECS), and despite scientists not finding this network until the 1990s, it appears to have been present in our bodies since time immemorial. To simplify how the body works, all of the systems in it need to be kept in chemical balance for us to enjoy consistently good health. The ECS is one of the many cogs in that grand system, but it’s an important one.

Taking CBD often is a brilliant way of ensuring that your ECS stays in good shape, and that you don’t experience increased sensitivity to pain, poor reproductive health, weak bones or any of the other symptoms that a dysfunctional ECS can bring.

Rich in antioxidants

CBD packs a serious antioxidant punch, and is therefore great for protecting the brain and our mental health. Without a steady supply of antioxidants, the brain can become consumed by oxidative stress, which is caused by the unchecked spread of free radicals.

The destructive effect that this can have on the brain may not be immediate right away, but appears to increase the likelihood of dementia and other neurological health issues as we age. CBD helps to fight this.

Reduces inflammation

Those subjected to chronic inflammation are likely to always be in pain, suffer from weight gain, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, and even irregular mental health. The damaging effect that inflammation has on body tissue can also worsen the symptoms of arthritis.

Our immune system needs to be nurtured by natural anti-inflammatories to prevent it from becoming over-zealous and essential sabotaging our health. CBD is an anti-inflammatory that does just that, calming down the immune system with messages sent via the ECS.

Using CBD as an ingredient

Many people like to take their CBD in an oil, a vape juice or a capsule – but we think all of these are kind of boring! CBD works just as well, and lasts for longer, when it is used as an ingredient and taken orally. We recommend that you use a Hemplucid CBD oil product, as it’s easy to use CBD as ingredient when it’s in tincture form, and the dropper provided allows you to get the dosage right.

In CBD edibles

Brownies and cookies are synonymous with the edible cannabis world, and believe it or not, it’s really easy to make these delicious sweet treats with CBD. All that you need to do is infuse the butter.

Warm the butter at low heat so that it melts, and then add in the CBD oil and stir – let the mixture simmer for a couple of hours, stirring now and then to ensure the oil is spread evenly throughout the butter. Cool the butter and voila – you have infused butter that’s ready for use! Just be sure not to heat a cannabutter recipe above 160°C – this is the estimated boiling point of CBD, and with temperatures in excess of this, the therapeutic benefits could be burned off.

In salads

CBD oil is the perfect addition to a salad dressing. As you’d expect, this is an absolute cinch to make as all you need to do is add your chosen dose of oil to the mix, and stir. Be aware that the hemp oil tends to have a really strongflavor, and that you’ll need other powerful ingredients to ensure that the CBD oil doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the salad! But aside from that, CBD oil helps to make your salad even more healthy, and give your ECS a boost!

Final thoughts

The CBD industry never stands still, and savvy users are always picking up on new tricks to maximize the potential of the remarkable hemp and cannabis plants. Taking CBD as an ingredient is just the latest way of incorporating CBD into your day-to-day life.

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