Natural Ways to Help Get a Larger Penis Long Term

How to increase penis size naturally

To be “endowed” has always been a hot topic among men. What some men consider “big” sizes in social or popular media aren’t necessarily always the real deal, and you might be surprised to learn you’re not entirely alone in this endeavor. Good thing there are some ways to increase your size the natural way. In fact, given enough perseverance and dedication, you can get to the size you want to feel confident, not just in bed but with yourself in general.

It might help to learn some facts before we proceed to natural ways of growing your manhood. For instance, the average in terms of flaccid and erect penises are 3.61 inches and 5.16 inches, respectively. In fact, lengths beyond these are actually rare. Large penises, such as 6.3 inches or more, only appear in five (5) out of 100 men. In other words, it’s absolutely normal to belong in the crowd that wants larger penises.

Natural Ways for Endowment: How Does This Work?

If you’re looking into better ways to achieve endowment, you can consider trying some popular methods such as supplements or a penis enlargement formula that a lot of men claim to work. However, you might also be interested to try out endowment methods that can be done naturally.

Here are some of the ways you can try to achieve natural endowment:

  • Don’t forget warming up to the processes: Before you try any of the methods below, make sure you “prime” your manhood for growth. One way to do this is through the hot cloth warm-up, which helps increase the flow of blood through the various penile tissues. This also makes it more flexible and thus amenable to adjustments, especially through exercise.
  • Get working with the jelq method: The jelq method allows you to actually increase penis length to over 10 inches and penis circumference to as much as 7 inches. This is especially achievable if the practice was started in the teenage years and continued into adulthood. The jelq is designed to increase blood flow to the shaft cells of the penis and tear down muscle fibers to introduce new growth, making them larger and stronger. The difference in size can be experienced in as early as five (5) weeks, and big changes can happen after a year. Make an O shape with your thumb and forefinger, and use that to “milk” the blood into the penis by moving the O hand forward to the tip and pushing your left hand onto the base of the penis. During the early stages, it’s normal to experience bruising or red bumps, but they disappear over time.
  • Take advantage of the pubococcygeal (PC) flex exercise: This penis enlargement formula works by utilizing a muscle in your genitals. The PC muscle is the muscle that extends from the coccyx to the pubic bone, and it is generally responsible for erection, ejaculation, and controlling urination. If you hold your urine mid-stream, a muscle will contract that extends from the front of your anus to behind your testicles. This is the PC, and flexing it can give you other benefits, such as increased prostate gland activity, stronger erections, impotence prevention, and protection against poor and premature ejaculations. Squeezing this muscle at least 40 times a day can help stimulate the PC muscle, and squeezing and holding the muscle for 25 minutes after 10 flexes each day can greatly increase your potential for penis growth.
  • Length stretching can actually help blood flow: Aside from jelq and PC flexing, you can also do actual stretching of the penis to encourage it to grow. Hold your penis head gently with little pressure and slowly stretch it in front of you as much as you could. Stop if you feel pain, but try to hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat this about five (5) times. Afterward, massage it to promote blood circulation. This also stretches the muscles and primes them for optimum growth.
  • Meet your vitamin needs by adjusting your diet: If you want to enlarge your penis the natural way, part of this is to actually modify your diet to make sure you get the necessary vitamins to keep your manhood healthy and primed for growth – and sexual activity as well. An everyday dose of thiamine (50 mg), vitamin D (100 IU), magnesium (200 mg), vitamin A (100 mg), zinc (30 mg), and vitamin C (2000 mg) can help you achieve your goal.
  • Meet your mineral needs through your diet: While the above make sure your body is primed for penis growth, consuming proper minerals also allows you to be primed for sexual activity. Minerals such as folic acid (400 micrograms), potassium (25 micrograms), vitamin E (150 mg), vitamin B12 (200 micrograms), and calcium (525 mg) can help achieve the right size and performance.
  • Observe proper hygiene and sanitation: While proper hygiene and sanitation have no direct contribution to your penis growth, it is good practice to observe them while in the process of enlarging your penis. Unsafe sex, not cleaning it thoroughly, or not grooming it properly may make you susceptible to infections and diseases that might hinder your progress when it comes to enlarging your penis.
  • Consult your doctor before trying any of the above tips: While this isn’t a “natural” method, be sure that you take the time to consult a doctor before you actually attempt any of the above tips. When drinking or consuming medicine or a specialized diet, remember that this can affect your body in ways you can’t exactly predict. This is especially if you have special conditions or sickness that needs to be taken into account for safety and health purposes. Better safe than sorry.

Natural Ways to Help Get a Larger Penis Long Term

The Bottom Line: Be Endowed the Natural Way

Being endowed can boost your self-confidence, and it can certainly make you more appealing. However, just because some people you know are “gifted” in that area and you’re not doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to achieve this for yourself. In fact, it’s very possible for you to increase your size the natural way. Just remember the tips above, and make sure to follow them consistently to achieve your goals.

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