Shockwave and Laser Therapies Benefits For Your Good Health

Shockwave and Laser Therapies Benefits
Shockwave and Laser Therapies Benefits

When you visit a physiotherapist (PT) for the first time, they would evaluate your condition and requirements to understand what solution can work best for you. They will scrutinize your pain and other symptoms, mobility, sleep patterns, and medical history, among others, to identify the problem area and suitable treatment for it. As such, PTs use several procedures to rehabilitate patients. Of them, shockwave and laser are the two common services apart from exercises and massage. Let’s see how these two procedures can prove beneficial to anyone.

Shockwave therapy: What is it, and how does it benefit?

This non-invasive treatment uses repeated low energy sound wave vibrations on the injury through the patient’s skin. It can come in handy in chronic conditions and lingering trauma. In this procedure, you don’t need to consume painkillers. The therapy stimulates the natural healing power of the body through shockwaves so that your mobility improves, and pain reduces. It is particularly helpful in musculoskeletal conditions that affect ligaments and tendons. Other than this, it can treat Achilles tendonitis, tennis and golfers elbow, shin splints, etc.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Very Effective: It has been proved by Independent studies that shockwave therapy certainly is an immensely effective treatment for a host of health conditions associated with damaged muscle tissues and bones. With the help of shockwave therapy, patients could expect to have at least, 60 percent to 90 percent hopes of alleviating their injuries.

Helps in Boost Collagen Production: Collagen is a critical building block of the human body and is essential for healing an injury. We understand that shockwave therapy helps in augmenting collagen production. Thanks to the energy pulses, the tissue fibers would be forming longitudinal structures within your ligaments and tendons.  The weakened or injured areas are treated effectively by fortifying the tissues.

Effective in Breaking up Calcification:  We understand that trauma caused to the tendons could result in generating calcified fibroblasts specifically in the injured region. We know that calcified fibroblasts could be causing chronic pain that adversely impacts mobility. The physiotherapist could be using effective shockwave therapy for clearing calcification totally from the affected areas. This should be reducing your pain and restore normal function.

Non-Invasive: Shockwave therapy is recommended strongly as a robust option for patients looking to avoid surgical intervention, or prescription medication and their probable side effects.

Safe: Shockwave therapy is not only non-invasive but it is also supposed to be safe. We understand that there are no major side effects. You would be feeling some pain post the procedure. However, that is because of the stimulation of the natural and inherent healing process of your body. The pain should be going away within 24 hours. Remember to avoid all sorts of rigorous activities while you are still experiencing the pain.

The best part of this therapy is its cost-effectiveness in terms of the recovery that a patient experiences. Whether you have a problem with your back, shoulders, elbow, heel, or knee, you can depend on this non-invasive solution for healing. For this treatment, you don’t have to take drugs or anesthesia. In sports medicine and orthopedics, it has achieved a special name. Plus, the side effects are also very few or almost zero.

However, this treatment is not for everyone, such as pregnant women, patients taking blood-thinning medicines or having tumors, etc.

Laser therapy: What is it, and how does it benefit?

When you explore Wilson Health Services physiotherapy, you will come across laser therapy as another option. In this procedure, PT administers laser light of different degrees and duration to the soft tissue of the patient so that the injured tissue cells heal faster. It is a painless and safe treatment for several pains and injuries. People with severe conditions can also benefit from it. With the help of this method, a healthcare professional makes sure your nerve function improves; scar tissues dwindle; immunity increases; muscles become stronger; vascular activity betters, and so on.

If you are looking for a non-toxic and cost-effective treatment solution for your medical condition and injuries, then this is perhaps an ideal choice. It doesn’t have side effects. Plus, it can check the need for surgery. From headaches to arthritis to jaw pain and Fibromyalgia, it can prove beneficial in many areas.

Helps in Reducing Pain

Laser therapy helps in alleviating chronic pain. A therapeutic laser would be sending light wavelengths deep under the skin for targeting the actual source of pain.  If you wish to stay away from the harmful side effects of certain prescription opioid drugs, you may consider scheduling an appointment with reliable laser therapists.

Great for Accelerating Cell Growth & Tissue Repair

Laser therapy is effective at the basic cellular level for triggering your body’s inherent healing process. We understand that therapeutic lasers are instrumental in reducing inflammation; however, it boosts blood flow to the affected area providing the cells with additional nutrients and energy required for healing.

Best for Improving Nerve Function

When your nerves seem to be healthy they would be sending pain signals directly to your brain that make you aware of certain diseases and illnesses. In the case, your nerves seem to be damaged due to diabetes or amputation, or maybe some other circumstances, you could be experiencing major numbness and chronic pain when all these nerves seem to misfire. Laser therapy helps to boost the overall quality of life minus the numbness or pain.

Instrumental in Healing Wounds Faster

You may opt for laser treatments if you are healing from surgery or injury and looking for faster recovery of the quality of life without pain or numbness. You are surely not interested in any surgical intervention for effective pain management.

If you have been putting up with pain and discomfort for a long time for fear of medicines or surgery, then give yourself and your health one more chance. Visit the reputable physiotherapy center and know how your age-old or even new concerns can find redemption. Don’t worry about the precautions. Your physiotherapist will inform you about everything when you take their services. Just make sure you discuss all your health problems openly with the healthcare professional so that you get the best help.

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