Surviving a snake bite in a cheap and efficient method

The most important fact to be known is that there are 550 types of snakes and there are around 10 varieties of them that are actually poisonous.

The most dangerous of them is the Russell’s viper.

Whenever there is a case of snake bite, you need to remember that it takes 3 hours for the entire poison to affect your body. The bite occurs when the snake sinks its first two teeth and the poison is injected into the bloodstream. The poison flows upstream from the point of bite and thereby enters heart and causes death and increases fatality.

Easiest method: Every household must be having a syringe. When you remove the needle of the syringe, it creates a small vacuum pump like device. You need to find the point of snake bite; two round holes are created where the snake bites.

Snake Bite 2 dots

When you suck out the blood for the first time, it will be black-ish in color. It is clear indication that the poison is mixed with blood. In one or two times, the poisoned blood will come out. Not more than 5 milligrams of poison can enter the bloodstream because the venom tooth of the snake cannot hold more than that.

Syringe without needle

Easy and simple ways can rescue a patient of snake bite and you can immediately take the patient for immediate health care.

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