The Best Nutmeg Grinder For Fresh Aroma And Flavor

Nutmeg Health-Benefits
Nutmeg Health-Benefits

What is a nutmeg grinder and what is it used for? How would you choose the best nutmeg grinder? What features make the best grinder? Does nutmeg have any health benefits?

What is a nutmeg grinder?

Nutmeg is a treasured spice as it provides good aromas, flavors and has medicinal properties. Freshly ground nutmeg has more flavor and aroma compared to pre-ground nutmeg. It has a sweet and spicy taste and it comes from grinding a dried nutmeg seed. It is used to make traditional Asian and French cuisine. Nutmeg grinder is available in stainless steel, stained wood, and acrylic.

How to choose the best nutmeg grinder

When purchasing a nutmeg grinder, you should consider features like durability, cost, design, and storage. Hand graters are tiny, light, easy to use, and store. This is the best option if you occasionally use nutmeg. A mill is a better option for kitchens with frequent baking. They grind large amounts of nutmeg easily and the chefs are not at risk of scraping their knuckles and fingertips. You should select a sturdy nutmeg grinder made from stainless steel rather than an acrylic model that gets blunt quickly. A good grinder should be easy to use, have a minimalist design with a storage chamber big enough to hold about three nutmegs. Peugeot nutmeg mills use a claw and double blade mechanism to ensure the nutmegs are finely grounded.

Features to look out for in the best nutmeg grinder

  • Ease of cleaning – Manual grinders are easy to clean since you can access both sides of the grater. They are mainly washed by hand to avoid damaging the blades. Blades can be removed for cleaning in most electric and manual grinders.
  • It should have an ergonomic design with a soft and contoured grip to ensure comfortability when grinding.
  • A grinder is mostly stored on the shelf, counter, or in a cabinet. Graters have exposed blades hence caution should be taken during storage. Most graters have a cover to protect your hands and the blades.
  • The cost of a nutmeg grinder differs depending on whether it is manual or electric.

Health benefits of nutmeg

  1. Antibacterial properties.

They protect the body from bacteria that cause gum disease and dental cavities. They inhibit the growth of harmful E. coli bacteria.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutmeg contains anti-inflammatory compounds that help to reduce inflammation by inhibiting enzymes that cause inflammation.

  1. Powerful antioxidant.

This means that they protect your cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Oxidative stress occurs when the level of free radicals increases. This leads to the onset of many chronic conditions like cancer and heart diseases.

  1. Boosts libido.

It helps to enhance sexual drive and performance.

Nutmeg health benefits
Nutmeg health benefits


Nutmeg should be stored in an air-tight container away from light, heat, and moisture. Proper storage ensures ground nutmeg retains its flavor and aroma for longer.

Health caution

Nutmeg has hallucinogen properties and can be toxic if used in high doses.


Nutmeg has a sweet and spicy taste. It is used to enhance the flavor and aroma and it has medicinal value. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. A nutmeg grinder is an equipment used to grate or grind nutmeg seeds to use as an ingredient in cooking.  You should consider features like the handle, storage, price, and ease of cleaning before buying the appropriate grinder.

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