What Should You Prefer in Food While Traveling?

Food While Traveling
Food While Traveling

While traveling, eat like a peasant. Some of you may click off after reading this but we only tell you what’s good for your body, especially when it’s engaged in the art of exploring new places. Our wanderlust may be true, but so is the risk of getting food poisoning in new places. To prevent things from falling apart, we recommend you delicious snacks or meals you can prefer while traveling. All of them will give you energy and no food poisoning while keeping you alive and energetic all day long. Many travelers who wish to take a hike every year can easily carry these foods around so that energy can be attained quickly. If you’re in love with the Himalayas and plan to trek around anytime soon or if you’re taking some trekking tours in India, we highly recommend the food listed down below so that your traveling is super fun.

9 types of foods you must eat while you’re traveling:

  • Dried Fruits

Nobody likes a slow trekker who’s always taking time outs frequently. To help yourself stick to raised energy levels, prefer carrying high quality dried fruits. A handful of almonds and walnuts, raisins and dates can help you keep your energy levels appreciable. Moreover, they’re far better than packaged chips which may taste good initially but soon, you’ll get thirsty because of the salt intake. Too much salt in the body while traveling isn’t preferred by pro travelers. Get your hands around dried fruits and rest assured that you are sorted for the munchies.

  • Protein Bars

Choose a decent pack of protein bars blindly as they’re specially made for travelers who want to go minimal, food-wise, while on journeys. A powerhouse of energy, protein bar goes with a light breakfast if you have a bunch of oranges and apples with you. Not only does it provide you essential calories and proteins required to sustain a healthy body, but the protein bar also keeps your tummy full for longer hours.

  • Popcorn

Are you wondering why we are talking about the most loved theatre-snack here? It’s alright. Popcorn might fit well with movie-watching but it also contains a bundle of health benefits. Popcorns are made of whole grains which is your belly’s favorite source of energy. Alongside that, they are fun to eat and don’t allow for unhealthy fat gains like potato chips do. Moreover, they’re cheap and you can always munch on them while on a journey.

  • Wheat flakes mix

Why wait for a glass of milk to enjoy your favorite corn flakes when you can simply toss them with avocados, green chilies, and some nuts! Is your mouth watering already? We don’t blame you. Just grab the nearest pack of corn flakes and mix it with some nuts, lime juice, and smoked paprika and voila! You just made yourself the healthiest and cheapest snack that gives you energy and great taste together.

  • Banana chips

The favorite most snack of South India, banana chips taste crunchy just like potato chips but unlike potato chips, they don’t contain unhealthy fats. Made from special banana slices, these chips are fried in coconut oil and contain Vitamin B6. They also reduce ulcer pain which is a great way to deal with inflammation you might acquire from eating certain foods while on a journey. So, go bananas on your next journey with none other than banana chips.

  • Wholegrain pasta salad

On journeys that require a few pit stops, we suggest that you pack generous amounts of wholegrain pasta salads, with lots of nuts and beans that give you a feeling of consuming wholegrain meals. Delicious as it sounds; whole-grain pasta is a powerhouse of essential proteins and vitamins. Just spice it up with smoked paprika and canned beans, and rest assured that the kids will finish it in just a few minutes.

  • Seeds

While on a plane, unpacking may seem a bit daunting. This is why we recommend any traveler who gets hungry easily and doesn’t necessarily enjoy plane food to carry a small jar of seeds with them. Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, or simply a roasted mix can give you sufficient energy to keep the spirits up. Always keep your favorite seed-mix handy and munch on them if you feel slightly lowered with traveling fatigue.

  • Dried coconuts

If you’re a big fan of coconuts, there’s every reason to grab a bunch of dried coconuts due to their antioxidant properties. We all experience fatigue and dehydration while traveling. It’s time to carry grated dried coconuts and simply toss them around in fresh salads to awaken us from weariness. And the fact that coconuts taste so good makes them all the more desirable as a travel food companion.

  • Dark Chocolate

If you’re a chocolate fan, this suggestion is a lottery ticket to packing a few chocolates for the journey. However, it’s the dark chocolate that promises more benefits than a bar of milk chocolate. Dark chocolates are amazing bars of energy and they help you gather strength in no time. Often, traveling in summer haze can cause mild or severe fatigue. But a quick bite of dark chocolate can help you make sense of yourself in no time. Additionally, it offers antioxidants that can help you sustain longer, tiring journeys. The fact that it improves brain function and scientists recommend it too is the world’s way of telling you “go out and get some dark chocolates. Nobody’s stopping you.”

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