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Humans are creatures of habit. We develop these habits as we adapt to our various environments and these habits become a part of our life. We also learn these habits from those in our environment and those that we look up to. An example of such an environment is the city of Colorado and the drinking challenge that has ravaged the city.

Most habits are picked up at childhood and teenage since children and young adults are more impressionable, want to prove themselves, and really look up to the adults. However, there is no limit to when a habit can be acquired. Sadly, some of these habits might be very bad for the individual and may become addictive and leave those who practice it with an addiction that they may struggle with all their life if care is not taken.

What Is an Addiction?

It is classified as a brain or psychological disorder wherein an individual compulsively engages in a habit that has adverse consequences. The individual usually has lost all self-ability to refrain from such activity and would require help to stop such activity. You can read more about it here.

The activity in question here usually involves the use of psychoactive substances which are mostly illegal in many places or just behavioral addictions. Examples of these addictive activities include cocaine abuse, amphetamine abuse, marijuana addiction, opioid abuse, and alcohol abuse disorder among others.

Adverse Effects of Addictions

The adverse effects of addiction can be generally classified into three and these are psychological, physica,l and social effects. Though these classifications hold true, they are not always defined or streamlined in their effects as the symptoms of these classifications may sometimes overlap.

Psychological Symptoms

Inability To Quit

This usually occurs when the individual has become dependent on the substance being abused. Usually, the person might have made certain attempts to quit unsuccessfully and has become psychologically defeated on the matter. On the other hand, certain substances are chemically addictive and would usually result in withdrawal when the person quits taking them.

Continuous Use Despite Adverse Effects

Generally, the abuse of these substances is not good for the health. However, psychological symptoms can be inferred where an individual develops a health condition because of this habit but continues in it despite the health challenge that has resulted.

Risky Ventures

One of the psychological symptoms of addiction is that the individual starts getting involved in risky ventures or activities to get the substance. Examples of these activities include robbery and stealing, prostitution and even violence. Note that the individual would not normally engage in that type of behavior however, the need to obtain these substances drives them to such acts.

Social Symptoms

Unnecessary Sacrifices

At some point, a substance abuser may give up on activities that they normally would love to be involved in. They may sometimes forfeit an activity that would be rewarding to them just for the opportunity to indulge in their bad habit.

Ensure Good Supply

Again, these individuals might make sacrifices just to ensure that they get an adequate and regular supply of the substance that they abuse. This is even though it might be taking a great toll on their finances and other activities.

Secretive Lifestyle

Most times, in order not to attract attention to themselves, addicts usually would live a life of secrecy. The idea generally is this; they know their loved ones in particular and the society, in general, disapprove of the lifestyle that they live, and in certain cases, their reputation will be badly hit. For these reasons, they engage in these activities in secret.


While an observer would notice these habits in the individual, the individual does not notice the addiction challenge that they now have. Many do not agree to have this challenge although the practice has now become a lifestyle for them.

You can find out more about these social symptoms here:    

Physical Symptoms

Change In Appetite

These addictive substances in many cases impact a person’s appetite in different ways. For example, while cocaine abuse will make the user lose appetite, marijuana use normally makes individuals gain an appetite.


Addictions can lead to insomnia for substance abusers. It usually is a symptom of withdrawal when the individual cannot get or use the substance and so the person’s body is free from those stimulants at that time. Also, to go to where the substance can be gotten, the individual might start staying awake and in so doing start experiencing a disruption in their sleep cycle.

Change In Appearance

This is one of the most common symptoms that everyone seems to know about. Addicts are known to look haggard, unkempt, and very tired. This is because, the desire to get stimulated by their substance of abuse, replaces the other tasks that they have to engage in to take care of themselves.

Beating Addiction

The truth is that addicts need help even though some of them may not admit it. Some can help themselves while some truly cannot do so.

However, whatever may be the case with an individual, it is important to know that this challenge can be overcome. The stats show that many more people can beat this addiction than those who fail to do so, so cheer up! There is hope.

The first step is for the affected individual to admit to the need for help and then help can be offered. For a more effective treatment, it is advised that the individual be given professional help by one who is trained to handle such matters. However, it might be necessary for the person to be taken to a rehab center. Visit any rehab center in Colorado Springs for more information on how to go about the treatment.


Life is no walk in the park, it is filled with many challenges. This is why it is understandable that sometimes, people make mistakes.

Sometimes, these mistakes are easily overcome by the individual while sometimes, they become habits and then addictions. However, no matter how much of a challenge that substance abuse may be, it can be treated.

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