Do Birds Eat Popcorn Kernels?

Popcorn Kernels
Popcorn Kernels

For those who have pet birds of their own, it can be a whole lot of fun to share food. However, certain concerns must be addressed before this can happen. Otherwise, a pet owner could be placing their bird at risk. Birds do not always receive the proper nutrients from their typical diet and owners who supplement their meals can provide them with a much-needed boost.

In fact, there are certain snacks that a pet owner may not even have considered before now. Popcorn kernels are chief among this list. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important tips and pointers when it comes time to share these types of meals with pet birds. By taking the time to learn more about these pointers, this guide is sure to help pet owners avoid the usual pitfalls that take place in these instances.

Purchasing From a Quality Source

The importance of purchasing popcorn kernels in bulk from a quality source cannot be stressed enough. Whether the kernels are meant for the pet, personal consumption, usage at a theater or fair, or in microwave packaging, finding a trustworthy supplier is extremely important. Pet birds deserve the best popcorn kernels that their owners can find. That’s why it is imperative for owners to fully consider the source and make sure that they are vetted before making any final purchasing decisions.

Make sure that the company that is selling the unpopped kernels has a lengthy track record of providing top-notch products. In a best-case scenario, the pet owner would be able to easily locate a company that has been growing popcorn for decades now. There’s no reason to take a chance on an inexperienced company when the health of a beloved pet is at stake.

Properly Preparing The Kernels

Do not make the mistake of simply feeding the non-popped kernels to the pet bird. This could cause any number of problems for the animal. For best results, the kernels should be given some time to soak in water. This softens the hulls and reduces the risk factors for the bird. Others may decide to pop the kernels beforehand, using a small amount of pure coconut. Proper preparation is key in these instances, as it keeps the pet from potentially having an adverse reaction to the snack.

Avoid Microwave Popcorn

The importance of keeping microwave popcorn away from pet birds cannot be overstated by any stretch of the imagination. Some owners may have the urge to let their pet birds nosh on some microwave popcorn, but this is not a wise choice. Microwave popcorn is one of the worst possible things that an owner can feed to their birds. The amount of fat and salt that each bag contains is highly dangerous for the pet. Don’t subject any pet bird to these sorts of health risks. The artificial additives alone are enough to make it a very bad idea.

What Type of Bird Is Being Fed?

While non popped kernels are typically safe for a large variety of different birds, certain pet birds should not be given this snack, for their own safety. The smaller the bird, the more that they are going to struggle with popcorn kernels. This is a good rule of thumb to follow. On the other hand, which does not mean that the smaller birds are unable to enjoy this snack. Soak the kernels in water for smaller birds, so that they are not being left to struggle.

The Benefits of Popcorn Kernels For Pet Birds

Anyone who has ever visited a pet store in the past has probably seen bags of feed for birds that contain unpopped popcorn kernels. That should signal to pet owners that the unpopped kernels are safe for feedings. In addition to being safe for feedings, there is also a wide range of health benefits that the average pet bird owner may not have taken the time to consider.

For starters, it is great for their beaks. Since the birds break the kernels down with their beak, this gives them plenty of chances to strengthen them that they would not receive otherwise. A pet bird should have a varied diet, as they cannot live on popcorn kernels alone, but they are a great way to supplement the foods that the pet is already receiving. Pets love a good snack just like their human counterparts and unpopped popcorn kernels are a great way to ensure their happiness.

What If The Popcorn Has Been Popped? Is It Still Safe?

The popcorn kernels should never, ever be prepared in the microwave, as microwave popcorn is very bad for the pet bird. This was discussed above, so there should be no confusion. That does not mean that all forms of popcorn are unsafe. Some pet birds may prefer to have popcorn that has actually been popped. There is nothing wrong with that, but the pet owner will need to make sure that they are taking the proper precautions.

The kernels cannot and should not be popped in oil, as this is very bad for the digestive system (and long-term health) of the bird. Salt and butter can never be added, either. It is safe to feed the pet bird popcorn that has been prepared in an air popper, as long as none of these additives are a part of the equation. The crunch appeal may be high for the pet but that does not make a good idea for a regular snack.

This guide proves that the unpopped kernels are a great snack for pet birds and those who wish to enjoy an awesome treat with their birds are sure to love it. There is nothing quite like curling up with your pet to share a delicious snack. Now, it is even easier for pet bird owners to properly locate the right unpopped kernels and give them to their feathered loved ones.

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