Choosing the Best CBD Cat Treats

Best CBD Cat Treats
Best CBD Cat Treats

Kitties are part of the family, and your seemingly perfect cute furball is the best confidant and movie companion that you may have. Ensuring that your cat is in good health involves proper grooming, vaccines, check-ups, healthy diets, and more.

However, you may want to consider one thing for cats, and this is CBD!

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plants, and they are effective in treating various ailments like anxiety, pain, and depression. For many pets, you can incorporate CBD into their food and see how their health will improve over time.

Many pet owners may mistakenly think that any extract that comes from the cannabis plant can make their cats stoned. However, this is not true at all with cannabidiol treats. You can check more information on sites like Holistapet to know more about the products that won’t make your feline feel “stoned.” This is because CBD products don’t have any psychoactive compounds mixed into them, so rest assured that they will get healthier without experiencing the side effects.

About the THC Ingredient

THC is the main ingredient in marijuana, which is a popular product of the cannabis plant. According to research, a weed can contain over 30% THC, which can depend on the plant where it was harvested.

Fortunately, cannabidiol, which is harvested from hemp plants or Cannabis sativa strains, only contains less than 0.3%, which is not enough to make your pet high. What this means for you is you can make your pet have more appetite, and they’ll sleep better without getting into “psycho” mode.

Your kitty can benefit a lot and live a healthier life when they take cannabidiol supplements. The easiest way that you can convince them to try something new is to give them cat treats. Know that there are many brands out there, but here are some things that you may want to look at when choosing the treats.

Best Picks

You need to get the best cat treats that are popular and well-reviewed by the market. Some of them became popular because they were made from high-quality and premium hemp plants cultivated in Colorado. Know more about hemp plants on this site here.

The right blend of hemp oil and cannabidiol in some products will support the nails, skin, and fur of your kittens. You can also help them have more balanced hormones, and they will have a healthier heart. A mixture of hemp oil in the treats will provide excellent nutrition, flavor, and boost your cat’s immune system.

Choose the best picks that are 100% organic and vegan. Some manufacturers may try to sell you non-organic products containing many GMOs, antibiotics, and harmful chemicals. Besides having lower nutrition levels, your kitties’ health may be in danger if you buy them cheap and low-quality products.

If possible, always look for treats that are dairy-free and grain-free. This will prevent allergic reactions to your pet. Some of the cats will love salmon and chicken flavors, so pick the right ones that will help them adjust better.

These best picks for your pet will help immensely with separation anxieties, and they’ll result in therapeutic effects. You can learn more about cat’s separation anxieties here: If they get more anxious because you are leaving for work, you may help them alleviate stress and lessen your guilt feelings at the same time.

The top picks for treats got to the top because of their ease of use, and there are exact dosages that you need to follow. For pet owners who are first-timers in the cannabidiol industry, they can simply follow the instructions according to the packages. The milligrams of CBD per treat is written on the package, and some offer a dosage chart according to cat breed for more information.

Ultimately, what you need to look at are the treats that will be a win-win for both kittens and pet owners alike. Some of them are easy to administer, are always crunchy, and the flavors are tasty. You can be assured that your cat won’t be able to resist the temptation that these delicious treats will bring them. If you are interested in getting more CBD supplements for your cat, you may want to read more blogs and research the best products out there.