How Healthy Is Your Peg of Whisky
How Healthy Is Your Peg of Whisky

Alcohol is considered as something which is bad for your health. It is said to have detrimental effects on health when consumed in excess. Well, only do some people know that whisky is could be very beneficial for your health when consumed moderately.

Whisky has a fairly low amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, as well as carbohydrates. So, we have rounded few health benefits of whisky that your daily peg will offer you.

1. Helps in losing weight:

Whisky has an extremely low amount of sugars, sodium calories. In addition to this, it has no fat at all. You can enjoy your daily drink after work or simply for recreational purposes without gaining a few pounds. So, instead of gulping down beers, you can probably switch to this drink without worrying about hitting the gym later.

2. Regulates diabetes:

If you are diabetic, then whisky is just the right drink for you. It will let you enjoy your drink without worrying about sugar. In real fact, if you drink whisky soberly, it will help you to control diabetes in the long run. It aids in enhancing and regulating the insulin and glucose level which makes you less likely to develop diabetes.

3. Minimises internal blood clotting:

Blood clotting usually happens when you’re wounded. It is essential as it helps to stop the flow of blood. But if this happens internally in arteries or veins, it can be very harmful. It may make you prone to strokes, attacks, thrombosis or other deadly maladies. It also helps in thinning the blood thereby reducing excessive clotting.

4. Improves digestion:

Whisky is usualy consumed with meals since ages. It is known to be a good appetiser when consumed moderately. It is also known to significantly help in healing stomach ache, indigestion and refraining from overeating. We should certainly see that we don’t drink it too much as it can cause severe damage to the liver.

5. Reduces stress:

If you had a rough day at work or you’re stressed about something, it can have poor as well as harmful side effects on your health. Whisky will lend you a helping hand in de-stressing and relaxing while you sit back and enjoy your drink. All your anxieties will take a back seat in your life. It will help in enhancing blood circulation and soothing the nerves.

6. Boosts immunity:

Whisky plays a vital role in improving the functioning of immune system. It has tons of antioxidants and vitamins which help in fighting off many diseases like common cold, infection and other illness. It also helps to prevent your body from damage by stopping free radicals. It is also significant in minimising premature ageing and tones the skin.

7. Fights cancer:

We have always thought of alcohol as something which can lead to diseases like cancer. Well, whisky is just the opposite of what you think. Whisky has a high  concentration of ellagic acid which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It balances the free radicals and causes metabolism of unsafe byproducts.

8. Improves heart health:

Several studies have shown that people who consume a limited amount of whisky regularly have a better heart health than others. They have 50 percent lesser chances of suffering from a stroke or a heart attack. Our bodies become more prone to cardiovascular diseases as we go older. So, drinking whisky can help us to improve our heart health. It is also beneficial in lowering the blood pressure and promotes in better circulation.

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