Organic Wine Revolution – What It’s All About


A few years ago, consumers had no idea there was such a thing as “organic wine.” According to popular assumption, all wine was intrinsically “organic” because it was essentially just fermented grapes. However, the recent cultural push for organic and natural eating habits have thrown light on precisely how UN-organic the wine production process really is.

Generally speaking, most wine brands carry over 70 preservatives, additives, pesticides, artificial colors, and other unnecessary components. Many of these chemicals and pesticides are necessary to increase the wine’s shelf life, but most of them are superfluous. For example, a chemical compound called Mega Purple is responsible for how your tongue and mouth get stained in that deep red or purple color when you drink red wine.

Another popular assumption is that all wines are naturally vegan. However, in actuality, wine is usually filtered through egg whites or fish bladder lining, making them decidedly NOT vegan-friendly. And that’s not all — upon digging deeper, you realize that wine brands can make you put unconscionable components and chemicals into your body. Some of them even do so while carrying the “organic” or “natural” labels!

Now, you might wonder how wine companies can get away with such awful practices. Aren’t there regulations and laws against false advertising? Well, in short, no — the wine industry has a startling lack of accountability with little to no regulations in place. They can essentially slap the “organic” label on just about any wine brand and call it a day!

The organic wine revolution is all about exposing these harmful practices and ensuring that wine brands live up to their claims. Organic wine is made from naturally-grown grapes without artificial or synthetic chemicals, pesticides, etc. Organic farmers use natural practices and biodiversity to ward off bugs and insects instead of chemicals. For example, some of them have beneficial insects that eat harmful species.

Introducing Avaline, the best new entry into the organic wine industry.

In a world dominated by chemicals and pesticides, Cameron Diaz (yes, the Hollywood starlet) has decided to make her own foray into the organic wine industry. Along with her best friend and entrepreneur, Katherine Power, she has crafted a uniquely organic wine brand called Avaline.

Cameron Diaz was horrified when she first learned about all the harmful chemicals in the wine she loved consuming, especially since she’s dedicated to healthy living. Propelled by her discovery, she toured around some of the most organic and ethical vineyards in Europe to learn about the production of organic wine.

She combined her discoveries from her extensive tours to produce Avaline Wine, one of the most ethical, organic, vegan, and transparent wines, to hit the shelves in recent memory. Avaline Wine doesn’t include animal byproducts or chemicals at any stage of the production process. Furthermore, each Avaline bottle carries a label clearly outlining its ingredients in big, bold letters, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

If you’re keen on healthy living and want to join the organic wine revolution, go to the Avaline website to order your own customized bottle of organic wine.

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