Role of subconscious mind in your success and failure

Subconscious Thinking Mind

Sub conscious mind in simple terms can be defined as the state of mind that is unconscious and the thinking that takes place outside the conscious awareness of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind can be termed as a storage house where a person’s previous life experiences, beliefs, memories, skills, situations he or she has been through are stored or absorbed. The conscious mind cannot always absorb all the information it acquires due to information overload.

Subconscious Mind – Power of positive thinking

The subconscious mind is the area where the information is stored for later retrieval when recalled from the conscious mind when it wants to defend for its survival. The subconscious mind can become the powerhouse of positive thinking if the conscious mind is programmed with positive thought patterns.

  • Subconscious mind gears itself into an auto mode functioning of positive thinking if the concerned individual becomes free of negative subconscious patterns in his/her mind by becoming aware of the negative patterns and not identifying with them through lack of interest or attention.
  • The sub conscious patterns are not hidden from the conscious mind of a person. The subconscious thoughts can be observed when the concerned person deepens his/awareness of mind and meditationdoes help in reading the subconscious mind patterns.

What are thoughts?

Thoughts can be defined as the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of a person about himself or herself and the world around him/her. These thoughts when applied at individual level become your attitude and shape the way a person performs actions in his/her day to day activities. The thoughts of an individual are shaped up by his/her life experiences, education, and genetics but these thoughts are under the control of conscious mind.

Studies carried on by psychologists and psychiatrists do reveal that when thoughts are conveyed to subconscious mind, their impressions are made in the brain cells and as soon as the subconscious mind accepts any idea, then it proceeds to put it into effect immediately.

subcocious mind thoughts

Working procedure of your subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is the seat of a person’s emotions and plays the key role in altering the circumstances of the concerned person’s life. The subconscious mind plays an important role in the personality development, personal and professional growth of a person. The working procedure of a subconscious mind involves storing and processing of pieces of information supplied by the conscious mind even though the concerned person’s conscious mind may not be aware off.

The subconscious mind works best in dormant situations such as during sleep and works well during the time when the person is in a relaxation mood. The sub conscious mind works for good and bad ideas, thoughts alike. When a person’s habitual thinking is harmonious and constructive, the subconscious mind will accept and bring forth the desired positive experience to the conscious mind. The only thing that a person should do is to get his/her subconscious mind acceptsthe idea.

Subconscious mind and its success stories

Sub conscious mind can be tuned to attain success in one’s personal life, career, or profession. By using the subconscious mind effectively, a person can greatly influence his/her self-motivation, will power, and emotional intelligence. The power of sub conscious mind can be harnessed by conquering self-defeating or negative thoughts by repeating positive statements and looking at issues from a different perspective.

A person can constructively make his/her subconscious mind work to get success in his/her life by using sub conscious mind power techniques and these include –

  1. Use visualizations that can be seen as an excellent enhancement of affirmations and by repeatedly imagining positive stories in a given scenario before sleeping at night. These visualizations must be repeated until it turns into a reality.
  2. Doing meditation also helps in communicating with subconscious mind and that too with positive affirmations.
  3. Using positive vocabulary also helps in getting rid of the limitations of the brainpower. For instance, repeating words like “Joy”, “Happiness”, “I can” etc. can do wonders to subconscious mind.

Finally, it can be said that by tuning sub conscious mind with positive affirmations and thoughts one can achieve success in their lives.

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