Tips To Help You Start A Wine Collection

Start A Wine Collection
Start A Wine Collection

Wine comes in a wide assortment of types and themes. When you walk into a wine store or even a grocery store if you like when there is sure to be one to fit your specific tastes. As a wine aficionado, you may have thought about building a fine wines collection. Even the most well-stocked cellar had to start somewhere and many great collections have been started with only a few bottles of wine. If you want to start with your first wine collection and you are not sure how then the first step is to do some research to make sure you are going to buy only the best. For instance, at Acker Wines, the oldest and most respected wine shop in America, you will find a fantastic selection of the best wines in the current market. From exclusive and rare bottles to the newest releases, this is the place to go when looking for great recommendations. The following tips can help you in starting your wine collection effectively and avoid common errors.

Starting A Wine Collection, The Basics

A wine collection is something different than the wine you buy on a whim without much forethought or simply because it’s on sale. While your wine collection should certainly include wine types you like drinking a good collection requires a bit more selectivity when deciding what to purchase.

  • Is A Wine Worth Collecting: a collectible wine is one that has a good vintage, ages swell, and has some type of value. A good bottle of wine is one that can age for decades in your wine cellar which only improves its character. Traits to look for include high acidity, deep colors, a light filtration, and texture.
  • The Various Styles: there are several different types of wine to collect and numerous countries of origins each with their own wine traditions and history. When starting a collection, a good starting point is with wines you personally enjoy drinking. Types of wines can include sweet wines, full-bodied, fruity, white, reds, and others.
  • Not All Wines are Collectable: not all wines are made for long term cellaring or collecting. Always research your wines to see if they are intended for long term collecting. Wines such as red wines are more suitable for collecting as are varietal blends.
  • Locations: different grapes grow best in different environments. When considering what country to buy a type of wine from consider if the grapes it’s made from grow well in that environment. For example, a wine that uses grapes that grow well in colder climates should be purchased from a country that has that type of environment.
  • The Point Of Your Collection: every wine collection should have a point or purpose that you find meaningful. Some people collect wine based on rarity and value, others based on how well known or regarded a winery is, while others do it based on wines considered the most enjoyable to drink.
  • Collection Management: once your collection starts to grow cellar management becomes valuable. Common errors include wines spoiling, rebuying wines you already own, or bad purchases. Cellular apps are now available to help you manage your wine collection more efficiently.


Wine collecting is a hobby that can be very satisfying and highly personalized depending on your approach. It doesn’t require several thousands of dollars to buy a few bottles and start your collection. However, to assure you time and money are well spent be sure to do proper research and base your wine collection on wine types that you personally enjoy drinking.

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