Why January to March is the Best Time to Have Fillers

Best Time to Have Fillers
Best Time to Have Fillers

When planning to have beauty injections, many questions arise at the time: what procedure, brand, and the doctor to choose, what results to expect, how long will they last, is it safe, what are the side effects, how much does it cost, and so on. However, one question people rarely ask is when the best time of the year to have dermal fillers injections is and does it matter at all. So, can season influence the outcomes of the procedure? The answer is definitely yes, and there are certain months, which are more preferable for dermal injections than the others. Let us dwell on this point in more detail.

When should I get fillers?

Winter is the best time of the year to have your filler treatment. Actually, January (maybe December as well) to March are the most favorable for different kinds of cosmetology procedures. The clue lies in the decreased activity of the sun. So what connection does it have with dermal fillers? To answer this question, we need to understand the nature of liquid injectables.

Hyaluronic acid in the fillers is a synthetic substance of non-organic origin that is very close to the hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in the human tissues, including the skin. This component forms the frame of the skin and also plays an important part in the production of collagen and elastin. That is why when deposits of hyaluronic acid decrease, wrinkles appear, and we notice the loss of elasticity and other hatred aging signs.

So, what does provokes a hyaluronic acid decrease in the organism? The first factor is aging when all processes in the organism slow down, and it is not able to produce a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid to satisfy the needs of the body and skin in particular. The second point is that external factors, such as solar activity and ultraviolet, split and break hyaluronic acid molecules. This reason is directly linked to our question of why winter is the best time for filler treatment.

Why January to March are the best months for long-lasting fillers results?

The cold period of the year is characterized by low temperatures and lack of sunlight, but in the case of anti-aging treatment lovers, it is wonderful. First of all, once again, less of the negative impact of ultraviolet prolong the results. One of the recommendations after the injections is to avoid hot temperatures (sauna, bath, showers) and long exposure to the sun. When is it the easiest to do if not in winter? At the same time, you should not lock yourself at home. You can still live your life and enjoy park walks without being afraid that your new smooth, youthful-looking skin or plump lips are in danger. If you do your beauty injections in January, February, or March, your face will be ready and look perfect when the hot season comes.

Can I have dermal injections in the summer?

To be honest, there are no time restrictions for when you should visit your cosmetologist to smooth out wrinkles or plump lips, or cheekbones. You can do it all year round, whenever you want, including summer. However, to achieve the best possible outcomes of the injections, you would have to adjust your daily routine for a few days to avoid any dangers of fillers. The first rule is to use sunscreen cosmetics with SPF50. It is a recommendation for all people in general, who wants to look beautiful and young at any age, but after beauty injections, it is a must-have.

The second rule is to minimize skin exposure to the sun for a few days. Unfortunately, you would have to refuse long walks in summer once you had hyaluronic acid injections. And of course, forget about sunbathing (not forever, but for 7-14 days for sure).

Final Word

If you think when you should get dermal fillers injections (https://pdcosmetics.com/dermal-fillers/), we advise that January to March is the best time to do this. Of course, you may do it any time when it is comfortable for you, but having hyaluronic acid anti-aging therapy during the cold months is the most beneficial for you as solar activity during this time is the lowest and the less dangerous for the lasting of dermal fillers. If you want to inject dermal fillers during spring or summer, it is also possible, but in this case, you should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations to get the most beautiful and satisfying outcomes.

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