Be Relax and Enjoy Doing Nothing
Be Relax and Enjoy Doing Nothing

How did something that people lived without since the dawn of civilization suddenly become so compelling that most people would be demonstrably upset if they had to live without it? The pace at which the Internet is dominating our lives is one of the modern sociological surprises of our age.

Yield that ancient perception to heart and declare at least one or two days of the week as a do-nothing day. Don’t clean the home or do the laundry; don’t get in the car. Stay home and eat chocolate and drink wine. Be kind to yourself.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been able to sit still and be alone with your thoughts, here are three suggestion that can help you.

  1. Recognize that stillness has value: When you rest in stillness, you notice the momentum of your habits and urges, but you don’t act on them. You experience the moment – the feel of the wind on your skin, subtle sounds you never noticed before. You can tell what your body wants and needs. You are here, alive, receptive. Even to suggest that you notice is too strong. Expand no effort at all. Simply be alert, which you are already beside, and let things clarify. Opinions and physical sensations appear moods arise…just allow everything without getting in the way.
  2. Start Meditation: “Build your inner environment. Practice silence. I recall the wonderful discipline of the great ones. When we used to talk and chatter, they would say: ‘Go back into your inner castle.’ You are alone with your thoughts, concurrently recognizing that others are in the room alone with their thoughts. Try a meditation class. You’ll be amazed at how comforting it can be.
  3. Seek out stretches of time: Having a day of rest was a very practical idea: We were excused from all labour and devoted ourselves to pleasure and family. Maybe you’ll sit in your chair and stare out the window. Maybe you’ll sit on a couch and close your eyes or, if not, let the world pass by slowly.
  4. Take a Nap: Research has shown that a daily snooze can reduce the risk of heart attack. And just knowing you’re going to nap after lunch seems to make the morning less traumatic. If curling up in your workspace isn’t a choice, go somewhere quiet, like a church or a park bench, and close your eyes for even just five minutes.
  5. Lie in a field: It is precisely our restless activity that has caused the environmental crisis. So, do some good by taking a break from “doing” and go and lie on your back in a field. Listen to the birds and smell the grass.
  6. Go for bumbling: Bumbling is a pleasant word that means “wandering everywhere without purpose.” Try making a deliberate effort to slow down your walking pace. You’ll feel yourself alive, and you’ll enjoy simply saturated in the day.
  7. Banish the guilt: “Guilt-free” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot: guilt-free TV, guilt-free desserts, guilt-free shopping… It seems that wherever there’s pleasure involved, there’s guilt to be had. For many of us, guilt is like a certain kind of childhood friend — someone whom we willingly let in the door, and they can’t kick out. Guilt performances like an honest compass, prompting us to reflect on what we’re doing (or not doing), and then make constructive change.
  8. Give Time to Nature: Find a peaceful place — in your front yard if that’s peaceful, a park, the woods, at the beach, a river, a lake — places with water are excellent. Places out of reach of the sounds of traffic and city life are best. Don’t just let your mind wander universally — focus on the natural environments around you.
  9. Enjoy a Fantasy: To help you feel more relaxed, play some gentle classical music and try imagining a beautiful scene from a holiday you’ve been on in the past or a fantasy of yourself in the future. Need more inspiration? Picture walking into a room where everything, from the door to the furniture, is painted in your favourite colour.
  10. Go ahead, trust yourself: The wonderful result from being alone with your thoughts for a few minutes here and there is that you begin to trust yourself more often. You recognize that you won’t miss out on something by taking a break. The world will still be spinning. You’ll still have your job, your relationships will be the same, and you can turn right back to what you are doing.

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