Wonders of Meditation – An appreciation of Joy

Meditation & Ancient Times

Mediation or Dhyana is an ancient spiritual practice that helps in the rejuvenation of body and mind that dates back to 1500 BCE in India. Meditation is a concept derived from the ancient and traditional concepts of Hindu religion. Meditation later on branched out into various forms as Vipasana rediscovered by Gautama Buddha that helped it in forming it as part of a tradition in Buddhism.

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Spread of Meditation to different countries

Meditation spread to the neighboring countries of India such as China, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Burma and other parts of South East Asia. Scholars, philosophers and saints in India are practicing meditation as a way of spiritual emancipation. Buddhism has helped in the spread of mediation to other parts of the world through Silk Road transmission to other parts of the world such as to oriental countries. Meditation changed its form as per the convenience of the religious practices followed by the people the world over.

Revolution of Meditation

Buddha has revolutionized meditation as one of the history’s major proponent of meditation. His teachings helped meditation to spread across the Asian continent and then to the other parts of the globe. The core of meditation in Hinduism and Buddhist traditional practices lies in training the mind to stabilize itself by focusing and merging with its objects without any distraction.

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Check out the wonders of meditation

Meditation can be considered as a revolution as it cultivates contentment and stops the mind from unwanted desires and delusions that creates tensions in it. Many benefits can be derived by practicing meditation as a part of day-to-day activities and these include:

  1. Reduction in stress and anxiety levels of the mind
  2. It helps in reduction in depression moments
  3. Increases the learning ability, moral reasoning, and memory power
  4. Alertness of mind & concentration increases on par with the time spent on meditation
  5. Boosts immune system,
  6. People start looking younger than their actual biological age when they practice meditation techniques.

Hearing God with meditation

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  • Mediation helps the practitioners in attaining spiritual enlightenment that brings them closer to the God without any mediators in between.
  • Meditation as such brings in a positive energy and attitude in persons imbibing meditation in their daily routine.
  • Meditation helps the wisdom to reach at peak levels that usually lays dormant in the corners of the mind.
  • The ability to calm one’s mind helps the person in gaining an infinitely renewable resource of genuine happiness.

Practice of meditation as found through various experiments and tests have revealed that it counteracts the affects of sympathetic nervous system that causes humans the desire to fight or flee in any conflicting situations. Meditation enhances the positive thinking capacity of the human brain.

The 5 minutes mediation magic

Meditation can be termed as a natural rejuvenation pill that helps in attaining freedom from the daily disturbances of the life that one spends in this deeply fragmented troubled world.

The five minutes meditation practice done daily is like a magic pill that heals both body and mind without any side effects of any chemical reactions of taking drugs for attaining a healthy mind and body.

Meditation is a simple technique that is accessible to all people living in this world helping in attaining an everlasting peace to both mind and body.

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