A Complete Guide on Gymnastic Trampoline Exercises for Beginners

Gymnastic Trampoline Exercises for Beginners
Gymnastic Trampoline Exercises for Beginners

Many of us feel the need to start working out and keep our bodies fit and healthy. But, a beginner may find it confusing and overwhelming to find the right way to start the exercise process. Trampolines can be a really good fit for you if you want to have some fun during the process. We will be discussing here the most important trampoline exercises for beginners and how to make it work for you.

Gymnastic trampolines would be a great fit for any beginner to burn some calories and shape the muscles or cardiovascular system. Most of the time, exercises become boring and tiresome for you. But, using a trampoline will give a good exercise time as you will enjoy the workout. So, let’s learn about the exercises.

Single-Legged Bounces

As trampolining is an exercise process that dominates the lower body, you may use it for your benefit. For improving your fitness or training your body for sports or gymnastics, these exercises will a great choice to start.

The process is to take a stance that has a width of your hip whilst the weight will be in the middle part of your feet. Then you will start bouncing on one leg. Remember to switch the legs smoothly as you need to train both of your legs.

This exercise will benefit you if you can do it perfectly. The challenge lies in stabilizing your knee and hip. Don’t give pressure to your knee or ankle during the landing process.

This exercise will help you to improve your balance greatly, conditioning your ankles by giving strength to it. It will also make your knees and hips resilient. As this exercise is a bit difficult, it will ultimately give you a better result. This will also develop your foundational strength.

Single-Leg Squats

This one is a tricky exercise. For this movement, you need to stand on the trampoline on only one foot. Keep your knee in line with your toe and keep the back flat. Also, lower your hips as much as possible keeping your balance under control. Try to remain in control of your body with stability.

One of the most important things is to avoid giving your weight on the front part of your feet. Also, beware of collapsing your knee inwards. Keep your back part flat as much as possible. Try to maintain your balance by putting your hands out in front.

If you can develop your balance and strength through this single-leg squats, it will open the door to the next level. This gymnastic trampolining process will boost your power and strength. One very important benefit is that it will help you to improve your longevity and go through a healthy aging process.

Single-Leg Hip Thrust

This exercise requires a lot of attention as it has a combination of multiple body positions. First, take a good position on the trampoline with keeping your weight in the rear part of your foot. Then, raise one of your legs until the thigh becomes parallel with the trampoline floor. Keep the back flat and the knee in line with your toes.

Now, push your bum back whilst bending forwards at your hips as far as you can. Now reverse the movement from the previous position by hinging at your hips. Always push your knees through and squeeze the buttocks to finish your thrust.

Keep your back flat and keep the bodyweight centered through the foot heel. Don’t round your back or fall into your toes. Always hinge the hips as this is the key movement to learn. If you can develop a good pattern of hip hinging, then you can get the full benefit of developing your fitness.

This trampoline exercise will give you good control of your knee and develop the hamstrings. The balancing muscles also get healthy development. It is tremendously important for gaining explosive power. Control and stability are the main key benefits of this gymnastic exercise.

Core Rotation

This one is a fun one to do. You need to take a good and firm stance on your trampoline. Keep your weight in the rear part of your foot. Remember to keep your abs tight and your hips in a neutral position. Then bounce whilst rotating through the core of your body part.

Try to avoid bending over during this exercise and focus on using the core muscles when rotating. When you train with a gymnastic trampoline, it’s not just about the process. The core muscles have so many functions and rotation is the one that is neglected most.

This core rotation will improve your mobility of the thoracic spine. As you already know that this exercise helps to gain core strength and stability, it also boosts your power and performance in physical activities like sports.

The core rotation exercise helps to strengthen the oblique muscle, the rectus abdominal muscle, and the trans versus abdominal muscle. As a result, you excel at sprinting and throwing activities.

The Tuck Jump

The tuck jump is a simple process exercise. You need to jump high on your trampoline and the chest also remains high. The knees will be brought to the chest whilst the arms will be wrapped around the legs. From that position, you will return to the normal straight position.

The first important thing to remember is to jump straight like a stick and make the jump as high as possible. Secondly, you need to pull the knees up as well as squeeze the abs. Keep your chest high during this process. The timing of your tuck should be at the highest point of your jump.

Always try to avoid reaching down on the trampoline with your chest. This will move the weight from the abs. It is a core type exercise and that’s why you need to incorporate the abdominal muscle. Don’t tuck too early, because you will be off-balance.

This one is an easy exercise to learn and perform. You don’t need to have any previous gymnastics or trampoline experience. This can be done on your first day with a trampoline exercise. It develops a key gymnastic skill though.

End Words

These are some of the most important trampoline exercises for beginners that you may start with. Some of them are easy and some need a bit of practice. But, once you get used to the steps, you will find it fun and enjoyable. There are many other exercises besides these, but you don’t need to be get perplexed at the beginning with so many options. Start with these exercises and slowly build your fitness. After that, you may explore some more fun techniques too.

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