Ways to Gain Weight


A big misconception that majority people have in the health world is that only excessive weight or being overweight is considered unhealthy. No, that is not true. Just like obesity accompanies countless diseases with it, being underweight has no less problems. And the difficulty of losing weight is equivalent to gaining it.

The body has its certain requirements. We cannot compromise on the essential things it needs and if we do, expect everything to work just normally. An individual who is underweight isn’t just low on the weight number or doesn’t only look skinny, but is deprived of the important nutrients that he/she needs for so many functionalities going about in the body. From the development of bones to hair, everything requires a certain amount of nutrients that cannot simply be skipped.


A BMI is a sure indication of whether one is underweight or overweight. A person is underweight if he or she has a BMI of less than 18. Moreover, as obesity is becoming increasingly common, so is the condition of being underweight which is more frequently seen in young girls or women compared to men. The condition whatsoever, is not restricted to age. An observation carried out concluded that in the United States, the percentage of men that are underweight is 1% and the percentage of women that tend to have a BMI less than 18 is above 2% considering women of the age group 20 or above
Being underweight shortens the life span with women being 100% impacted. There are also risks of them developing diseases such as anemia, osteoporosis and different nutrient deficiency diseases.

If you are a person who knows the struggles of being underweight and have been told that only obesity is unhealthy, then below are some ways to gain weight provided for you. As weight loss is more commonly discussed and the talk about how to gain weight is rare, therefore we have a guide to tell you the ways in which you can put some weight healthily on yourself. It must be remembered that the aim is not to put the unhealthy fat which can impose a serious danger to the health.

1- Eat red meat.

New muscle tissue is added through protein synthesis in the body. This is enhanced by an amino acid called, ‘’Lucine’’. You can get this amino acid into your body through the consumption of red meat. In addition to lucine, the meat also has the presence of dietary creatine which is again, a muscle building stimulator.

The bodybuilders are always advised to eat red meat which will help an individual gain lean mass or muscle which is the safest way to gain weight.

2- Eat dried fruit as a snack.

Instead of turning to junk foods such as candies, which have added sugar, go for dried fruits as your snacks. As your aim is to gain weight and not lose, so it is okay to go eat biscuits if you want but make dried fruits your permanent snacks.

Dried fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which are exactly what you need in your journey of weight gain. You can spice your snack time with the addition of some shredded meat which will help you get some protein in addition to the nutrients you will get through the intake of dry fruit.

3- Consume cheese.

Cheese is used to add flavor to so many dishes for the previous countless years. Whether it is in the burger, or on the top of pizza, people love getting some extra cheese and just making a regular dish so many times better. And well, if you are a cheese lover, then the good news for you is that cheese is a home to protein and is enriched with calories. It is just the right thing you need to add some extra calories to your dishes.

4- Do not drink water before starting a meal.

When it comes down to weight loss, people are always suggested to begin their meals with consumption of water as it can make one feel fuller. And well, you will have to work conversely if your aim is weight increase. Avoid drinking water before your meal so you eat in a large proportion.

5- Eat carbohydrate rich foods and do not skip a meal.

If you’ve have had a heavy meal at one point of your day, don’t just completely skip your next meal. Take a break before you get your next meal and reduce the proportion but do NOT completely skip it.
Also, don’t forget your essential carbs. Your aim should be getting maximum amount of carbs, proteins, and calories.

6- Eat energy-rich foods topped with spices and sauces.

Energy-rich foods include foods such as those having extra-virgin oil, potatoes, brown rice and etc. if you top them off with spices and sauces, they will become much tastier to eat and will increase your appetite and you will consume more.

7- Don’t forget going to the gym and lifting heavy weights.

As has been mentioned above, muscle mass is the healthiest way of increasing your weight. If you want your calories to end up with muscle build-up then instead of only relying upon eating a high percentage of whatever has been mentioned above, include gym and strength training in your routine as well.

You don’t have to regularly go to the gym. Hit the gym only thrice a week but lift weights heavier enough to make a difference (unless of course, you have skeletal problems). Moreover, be sure not to end up losing MORE calories than you consume.

Whether you are obese or underweight, you can only be considered healthy if you fall on the ideal body weight number of anywhere near it. However, the question arises, how individual can know his or her ideal body weight especially as it varies from person to person and is dependent upon a number of factors. The simplest way to do it is by this ‘IBW calculator’’ which you can use at calculators.tech.

The ideal body weight calculator requires the knowledge of some simple things such as your gender, height and your size. You can provide your height in whatever unit you want (as the calculator provides you with the ability to interconvert the units).
After providing all the information it requires, you only have to press the calculate button and then it provides all the entities present on the right side of the calculator within seconds.

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