Your Doorway to the Ultimate Union With the Self

Living in the modern world takes a toll on our physical and mental health. There has been a significant increase in the number of people suffering from physical and mental disorders like obesity, heart diseases, cholesterol, depression etc. Anxiety is the most prominent mental disorder in the U.S. that affects more than 40 million adults of age more than 18 years. Even the number of people committing suicide has seen a spike, especially during the covid pandemic.

Although there are many ways to deal with physical and mental ailments that are caused by the way of living, yoga is definitely a good start to avoid, or even fix these issues and lead a healthy,fulfilling life.

Moreover, the market today is flooded with various accessories like yoga wheels, yoga mat, yoga bricks, stylish wear etc. to add glamour to your everyday workout routine.


The word yoga literally translates to “union.” Yoga is all about geometry of the body, and bringing the physical, mental and other dimensions of a human body into union with the cosmic geometry. This helps in keeping not only the physical body in correct shape and health, but also the mind and energy dimensions of a human body to function properly.

Yogic practices aim to teach how to keep the physical body in the right posture.

There are various asanas, breathing techniques and stretching exercises that help the body function in correct postures that are in alignment with the healthy geometry of the body.

Out of numerous ways to align the body, some have been recognized in the yogic science as asanas, which bring our physical body into the correct alignment. It is also said that if a person is able to hold specific asanas for a few moments, it can completely alter the way his mind works and thinks.

Yoga is about more than just health. It is about the correct way to live, in full harmony with the cosmos and the divine. Physical and mental health comes as a consequence of it, as yoga aims at the ultimate well being of a human body.


Today’s world offers modern ways of doing yoga that can aim at the improvement of specific parts of our life. Here are some examples:

  • VINYASA YOGA: This is the most athletic yoga form out of all. It includes various postures and movements from one to another with coordination of breath. Power yoga and Prana yoga are two other forms of yoga that have originated from Vinyasa Yoga.

  • HATHA YOGA: This is best suited for beginners as it includes yogic practices aimed at the physical well being of a human body.

  • KUNDALINI YOGA: This form of spiritual yoga aims to release the Kundalini energy inside a human body. Kundalini energy is said to be a powerhouse of energy stored in the form of a coil at the base of the spine in every human body.

  • PRENATAL YOGA: This form of yoga is specifically designed for expecting mothers. It helps to create physical stability and flexibility in the body.

  • RESTORATIVE YOGA: This form of yoga is extremely beneficial if one suffers from anxiety. It aims at relieving stress through basic breathing techniques that one can perform after a hectic day.


Yoga is said to have magical powers of healing and uplifting the human body. If practiced for a long time, with proper guidance and dedication, it can not only heal the physical aspects but also transform the whole way of being. Some asanas and practices can be difficult for beginners to perform but they can be done using yoga accessories available in the market like yoga wheels, yoga bricks etc.

Here are some benefits of doing yoga:

  • Can help relieve chronic pain and ailments.

  • Can help relieve stress, anxiety and even other mental issues like depression.

  • Can help with weight loss and toning the muscles and tissues of the body.

  • Can help improve flexibility, balance and strength in different parts of the body.

  • Improves sleep quality and sleep routine.

  • Can help relieve migraines and headaches.


Living in the modern world can be extremely complicated and difficult. Yoga can teach us how to remain calm in the midst of chaos in the outer world. It can improve health on all levels and also encourage spirituality within us. It can teach us a better way to spend our lives, living to our full potential and being willing and open to everything around us. So get ready to experience the best that life has to offer with yoga.

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