Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga
Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Yoga is the ideal form of workout if you want to improve flexibility, reduce weight, and feel less stressed at the same time. You can reap ample benefits by practicing Yoga. Right from your body to the skin to hair will be benefited by this wonderful ancient form of workout.

Start by adding yoga to your exercise regime, you will surely see the massive changes in your life. Yoga not only aids in physical health but also mental well being. You will feel less anxious and more relaxed after yoga.

If you are keen on learning the in-depths of Yoga then go for Yoga teacher training in India. It not only helps you do the exercise rightly but also educates on the ‘why’s’ and ‘but’s’ of yoga.

Below are some of the advantages of practicing yoga

  • Enhances respiration

Yoga comprises some extremely beneficial breathing exercises like Kapalbhati and pranayama. Doing these exercises will strengthen your lungs and breathing muscles making breathing more easier and flexible.

Another advantage is that it aids in the longevity of our inhale and exhale period. This again improves the lungs and breathing vessels.

Breathing exercises can also prevent respiratory problems like Asthma. It has proved to cure mild Asthma and COPD.

Doing yoga regularly will calm your breath. You will take only fewer deep breaths that increase the stillness of your body and make you feel light.

  • Flexibility

With yoga, your muscles will relax and your body will become more flexible. Having a flexible body means you are free of diseases. Doing yoga regularly will keep your body and mind flexible and youthful.

  • Reduces high blood pressure

Since yoga is known for making one calmer and happier it can help in regulating the blood pressure. There are many poses in yoga that help in overall blood circulation in the body thereby reducing the blood pressure.

  • Cures sinuses

Do you know chanting is also a part of yoga?

We all know that yoga comprises asana, pranayama, or breathing exercises and meditation. But chanting also plays a major role in maintaining our bodies.

The exhalation period is higher while chanting. This gradually shifts our focus towards the parasympathetic nervous system. Humming sounds such as ‘Om’ has a great effect on reducing sinuses and helps in combating migraine issues.

Chanting can also be powerful emotionally especially when done in a group.

  • Prevents digestive problems

Digestion is a vital process that keeps our health seamless. Digestive problems like constipation, bowel syndrome, and ulcer are caused due to stress. As known, yoga will help in reducing stress thereby regulating digestion. Yoga is also known to prevent colon cancer since the body postures and movements facilitate the transport of food and the waste via bowels more rapidly.

  • Eases pain

Yoga is known to ease any kind of pain. Asanas and meditation have the power to control any type of pain and calm the body. Studies have shown that yoga can ease back pain issues, arthritis, and other chronic ailments. Poses as vajrasana can help in easing the menstrual pain in women.

When yoga can ease pain then why take medication and damage your health?

  • Maintains blood sugar

Researches from specialists in yoga teacher training in India have proved that yoga can reduce blood sugar level and aid in curing diabetics. Yoga is said to lower the bad cholesterol and induce good cholesterol in the body. It also reduces the excess function of cortisol and adrenaline thereby reducing the blood sugar level.

Practicing yoga regularly can prevent various chronic diseases like cardiac arrest, diabetics, kidney and liver failure, etc.

  • Protects spine

Your spine requires movement to stay healthy. Almost all of the yoga poses demand the spine to be in action. This will increase the flexibility and posture of the spine.

  • Strengthens muscles

Through yoga, you can strengthen your muscles as well as maintain flexibility. This is very important to prevent issues like back pain and arthritis. Going to the gym can also strengthen your muscles but at the cost of your flexibility.

  • Increased blood flow

Blood circulation is seamless with the help of yoga. Especially the relaxation asanas in yoga help the blood flow through your whole body from head to toes. These asanas also nourish your cells with ample oxygen. It boosts your hemoglobin level and maintains red blood cells.

  • Boosts immunity

The yoga poses and movements help in the increased flow of the lymph – A immune rich fluid. This will assist the body in fighting infection and destroy tumors.

Yoga should be an essential part of our lives to make us live happier, healthier, and longer!

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