Stop using different pots and let your veggies and other ingredients cuddle together!

An oven is a best friend of lazy cook’s who don’t want to spend much time with pots and ladles, though cooking in is bit tricky! However, imagine the aroma of tasty, golden-brown dessert and piping hot pie with crisp crust or the creamy fish with buttery mash; the options are endless.

So, when times become busy, take a break from your mundane routine, through your meal preparing times out of the window and let your oven do the task. Here are ten delicious yet simple oven-made recipes to try out:

The best part: Just combine them and it’s done!

Sweet potato Pasta Bake:

The appetizing and mouthwatering dish, this recipe is an amalgamation of lasagna and sweet potato. With the alternate layers of cheese, sauces and veggies, it is melt-in-mouth dinner or lunch dish. Plus, it’s gluten-free, and you will get all the carbs and proteins in this one simple dish. Simply through all veggies in your best tovala oven or get the one using tovala promo code to cook your tasty meals.

Tip: Don’t forget to drizzle sauces!

Tuna baked pasta:

Tuna pasta is quite pleasing and delicious! Grab some Flaky tuna, penne pasta and lots of basil leaves, through them in the dish and let them mix in the oven. Don’t forget to add layers or melted cheese and sauces over the top.

Mexican Casseroles:

Want something delicious, healthy as well as a vegetarian food? A Mexican casserole is for you! With a mouth-watering filling of roasted corn, cheese and pepper, it’s a dish that will please your taste buds. Also, its gluten free and has less than 250 calories. Just grab some corn tortillas, beans, roasted peppers, roasted corn, enchilada sauce, cheese and bake them for 15-20 minutes. Once baked, you will get a bubbly, hot and tempting dish to devour simply.

Tip: Serve with fresh cilantro, sour cream or anything you love.

Oven Baked Meatballs:

Who doesn’t love juicy and crispy meatballs? Then why not trying them this weekend! Prepare your oven, get all ingredients and get set baking. These meatballs are so versatile that you can even eat them plain or can dip them in your favorite sauce to have a more pleasing taste. Mix bread crumbs, ground beef, nutmeg, salt and pepper and milk; roll the mixture and cook for at least 30 minutes.

Tip: Eat them over the spaghetti

Risotto With Saffron And Chorizo:

Who doesn’t love risotto, however cooking them is a task; but not anymore! Just 10 minutes and your mouthwatering risotto is ready to fork-in. Veggies, chicken stock, arborio rice and some cheese is what you need to cook this delicious meal. Bake it and savor this delicious creamy risotto with a glass of wine.

Breaded Chicken Spinach Burgers:

One of the most tempting, easy to bake and healthy dish is Breaded Chicken spinach burger. Baking this is as easy as cooking an apple pie, just five ingredients and its baked. It’s juicy, creamy and is loaded with vitamins. Also, the juicy chicken and the creamy inside flavors will please your taste buds.

Chicken Roasted With Mixed Veggies:

Don’t have enough time, but want to that pleasing and satisfying dinner with a glass of wine? This dish is perfect for you. Get some basic veggies like garlic, onion, carrots, broccoli, and onions and some herbs; mix them and get your pausing dinner in few minutes.

Baked Tomatoes And Squash:

Prepare this dish for dinner or a party and please your guests. Since it’s a completely vegetarian dish, you would need only veggies and some spices. Get some onions, tomatoes, yellow squash, potatoes and stack them over the baking tray. Pour some fresh herbs and parmesan cheese over it, and your mouthwatering dish will be ready in no time.

Baked Eggs In Roasted Tomatoes:

Do you love sweet-savory flavors? If so, the dish is for you! Grab some tomatoes and veggies, sprinkle some salt, and it’s done. Arrange everything in a baking tray, throw thyme and garlic over it, and let it cook. Also, crack eggs into each tomato and bake it for few minutes.

Rapini Noodles:

A bowl full of noodles is love and when it would take only a few minutes to cook, who doesn’t want to have this! Grab 2 bunches of rapini, some garlic, ginger, onions, chili flakes and mix them all with noodles. Make sure to saute all ingredients in a pan before mixing it with noodles.

Pro Tip: The trick to perfectly cook above dishes is their cooking times. Be it roasted chicken or rice or simple noodles; it’s all about mixing the right amount of ingredients and bake at set timings.

Pick your favorite dish, put it in the oven, snuggle in a blanket; your dish will be ready in a few minutes.