10 Ways to Stop Feeling Groggy in the Morning

Are you the one who needs to get pushed out of your bed in the morning? Do you think that you are being grumpy and drowsy after waking up? If so, this article would definitely help you to learn some ways to make your mornings as well as days, more productive and a better part of your life. What you have to do is:

Feeling Groggy

1.Keep the Left and Right of Sleep

While sleeping, it is beneficial to lie down in your bed in the left lateral position initially, which helps in proper digestion and prevents acidity problems, etc. Similarly, tilt slowly towards the right side while waking up. There are several theories suggesting getting up on your right side. Scientifically, it can be said that getting up on the right strengthens the magnetic field which is present around us that defines our strength and force. So, keeping these two positions would definitely help to kick-start your day.

2. Brahme Muhurte Uthishtatha (wake up at Brahma Muhurta)

Brahma muhurta is said to be the ‘time of knowledge’ which is considered to be almost 45 minutes to one and a half hours before Sunrise. Now this may seem annoying to most of us, especially the younger generation. But once you feel the benefits by yourself you will not step back. Also, this time is considered to be the Vata kala (time of active vata dosha). Getting up at vata Kala helps in easing the bowel movement and thus you get refreshed. After sunrise, kapha Kala (time of active kapha Dosha) begins and it is probable to feel heaviness and laziness while waking at this time. Moreover, nothing can replace the calmness of mind obtained while getting up early in the morning.

3. Usha Pana (Drinking Water at Dawn)

Bhavaprakasa nighantu in Ayurveda explains drinking 8 Anjali of water at dawn (Brahma muhurta) as a rejuvenative therapy. Anjali is the volume of liquid one can hold in the cavity formed by putting the two palms together. It helps in removing your bodily weakness and certain other ailments. It also cleanses the stomach and intestine thereby relieving constipation and urinary problems. In this way it can make not only your morning but also your entire day productive.

4. Energy from the Sun

We are actually solar-powered beings and it is well said that ‘arogyam bhaskaradicheth’ which means that health is obtained from the sun. Sunlight not only provides the Vitamin-D but also helps in the production of serotonin which is the feel-good hormone. Sunshine activates certain neurons in the hypothalamus which stimulates the pineal gland to produce serotonin. It is obvious that we feel much happier on a sunny day rather than on a gloomy day. At the same time, never try to get overheated in the sun which becomes another issue. Early morning and evening sunshine’s are the best.

5. Strengthening of Eyes

Even though any health problems can affect us physically and mentally, our eyes need extra protection especially in this new era of gadgets. Regular eye exercises, eye hygiene, application of medicinal kajal (collyrium), proper rest, and healthy food can rejuvenate those sunken and lifeless eyes thus making you more presentable as well as lively and vibrant.

6. Take care of Jatharagni (Digestive Fire)

Your morning mood also depends upon the digestion of previous day’s meal. You can find yourself lethargic if you are not having a proper digestive power. So, Ayurveda advises to take your dinner as early as possible (at least before 8 p.m) so that 2-3 hours of gap can be maintained between dinner and sleep. After sunset, the strotases (channels) of our body get weekend and have to work more for digestion and absorption. So, as the dinner time gets delayed, more would be the chances of indigestion. Eating dinner in limited quantities help you to have a sound sleep which would be an added advantage.

7. Oil Massage (Abhyanga)

Regular application of oil (body or head) has got both its pros and cons. Ayurveda mentions oil application as a part of dinacharya (daily regimen) for only Swastha (healthy people). It is absolutely contraindicated for those who are ‘kaphagrastha’ (excess of kapha Dosha in their body) and in ‘ajeerna’ (indigestion). So, for healthy ones abhyanga may act as an energy booster and helps in relaxing the body and mind.But for those others mentioned above, they can be the reason for their morning weakness and inactivity. Also, selection of oil is a very significant area for each individual. Use of inappropriate oil can do more harm than good. It may sometimes make you more sluggish in your activities.

8. Gargling (Gandoosha)

Gargling helps to remove the excess kapha in the body. It can be done with plain water, honey, oil or any other medicated liquids according to the constitution and condition of the person. The liquid has to be filled in the mouth until kapha dosha gets filled in the mouth or eyes start watering and then spit out. It provides overall nourishment to the face and gives clarity to the sense organs. It is well and good if done daily, but once or twice a week can also be fine. In a way, something is better than nothing.

9. Breakfast after Snana (Bath)

Taking a shower right after your food is one among the worst things that can be done to your body ever. This slows down your digestion and makes your body heavy with languor. Hence, if you need to be enthusiastic in the morning, ensure that you are bathing before your breakfast which improves digestion, cures heaviness and purifies both mind and body.

10. Medications and Underlying Health Issues

Sometimes morning drowsiness can be associated with any of your prevailing medical conditions or as a side-effect of the drugs you are taking. In the former situation, the root cause needs to be identified and in the later case, you need to talk with your doctor to tackle the issue. Thus, consider the above mentioned things in your life to have dynamic mornings and a well accomplished day full of energy.

Have a Beautiful & Fabulous startings of the day ahead.