Effective Home Remedies For a Beautiful Smile
Effective Home Remedies For a Beautiful Smile

When talking about a beautiful smile everybody’s first thought is Hollywood, and the sparkling eye blinding white teeth of the movie stars. Truth is you can have that smile, for no more than a couple of thousand bucks, or more, probably much more. Well if your bank account can cover it, go for it, you’ll get your veneers or crowns, whatever suits your needs. But, say goodbye to your natural teeth, they are out of the picture with the above mentioned. And don’t forget, natural and well nurtured teeth are the best there is, always has been and always will be. Another big factor for a beautiful smile is also facial skin care, which combined with beautiful teeth closes the deal. And finally yes, there is a way, a way you can take care of your teeth and skin at home, and still get the whiteness as in the tooth paste commercials, and here are the XX most effective and easy to do at home remedies:

  1. First the obvious, dental hygiene is crucial, brushing your teeth after each meal with the right brush and the right tooth paste is a must. Right brush and tooth paste depend on your teeth and gum, so choose wisely!
  2. Also every time you brush your teeth also brush your tongue, give the tongue the proper attention, because for a beautiful smile you will use your tongue also.
  3. Flossing might seem more difficult than brushing but it is far more effective for healthy teeth and gum, so make sure you do it after every meal.
  4. Strawberries – rich with Vitamin C and malic acid help whiten your teeth, and astringents found in strawberries help remove stain from your teeth. Use it mashed and brush it, or just simply eat them!
  5. Crunchy veggies and fruits – carrots, apples, peppers and pickles, just chewing them removes stains and clears your teeth, think of it as a natural tooth paste, plus acids from the fruits also act anti-bacterial and apples also contain malic acids, so you get triple action!
  6. Baking soda and lemon – mixing these two in a small plate and gently applying the mix to your teeth assures whiteness in no time. The baking soda removes all stains, and the lemon acid kills bacteria. Leave the mix on your teeth for a minute, and then wash thoroughly (leaving the mix longer might even damage your teeth enamel), and use it only once per week!
  7. Hydrogen peroxide – whitening remedy that inhibits bacteria growth, prevent infections and improves your breath (triple action again!). Use food grade peroxide, and swish it round your mouth for 30 seconds, than spit it out!
  8. Oil pulling – used for tooth decay prevention and tooth decay treatment. Simple, use any organic oil (sesame would do), and swish a table spoon of it for 15-20 minutes, pull the oil thru your teeth (hence the term), and spit it. Wash with plenty of water, just to get rid of the funny taste, otherwise it is completely harmless!
  9. Salt water rinse – fight bacteria in your mouth by simply rinsing your teeth with salt water, sound a bit funny, but it works, and also decreases you teeth sensitivity to temperature changes.
  10. Coconut oil – the benefits of coconut for your entire health are endless, for your skin you probably already know (using cream with coconut oil makes wonders for your face), but it also whitens your teeth with a compound known as lauric acid (very much present in coconut oil), which eliminates plaque, gingivitis and kills bacteria. Plus, eating coconut oil improves your digestion, makes your hair stronger, and gives your health a great boost!
  11. Charcoal – another whitening remedy, and again quite simple to use. Use active charcoal for medicinal use, grind it, and brush your teeth. Funny how from all the blackness a whiteness surprises you. You will be amazed!
  12. Basil leaves – another home remedy with a triple action effect, fights pyorrhea (inflammation of the gums), and whitens your teeth and stop gum bleeding. Use it by drying some basil leaves (sun dried), powder them and brush your teeth with it. You can also mix it with your regular tooth paste.
  13. Orange peel – because of the calcium and Vitamin c present in the peel of the orange you can improve your overall mouth hygiene, it will improve your teeth density and structure, fight bacteria, and give your breath freshness. Just rub it on your teeth, preferable before sleeping.
  14. Using a straw – it helps you prevent discoloration of your teeth, so use it as often as you can, when drinking colorizes like coffee and wine – use it in occasions when brushing your teeth soon after is little or not possible.
  15. Turmeric – this ingredients does wonders for your entire health, cures a lot of diseases, and also with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties fights gum disease and tooth decay, and as a side-effect whitens your teeth also.
  16. Cheese – funny and unbelievable, so had to put it on the list. But don’t wonder, because of the calcium that mineralizes your teeth enamel, and casein phosphate which lowers your mouths acidity and preventing decay. Use it after every meal, just chew a small piece, and freely eat it! (hint – sheep or goat cheese is preferable for better results).

As already mentioned, only healthy teeth are not enough for a beautiful smile, so here goes the rest of the story:

  1. Apple vinegar and hot white tea for a perfect skin – A mixture of these two ingredients is highly efficient in skin treatment. Make a 50/50 solution (half a cup of each) and use a clean cotton ball to apply it to your face, restoring your pH balance and clearing your pores. Easy and quite cheap!
  2. Mint leaves – tiredness takes a lot of a beautiful smile, and dark bags under your eyes are surely not helping. The easy home remedy is mixing mint leaves and making a mask for the troubled parts for twenty minutes, and get rid of the dark circles!
  3. Orange exfoliator – exfoliates your skin without going to the beauty salon, use oranges and make the same effect. Just cut an orange in two, and exfoliate gently (hint- use it on your feet and elbows too).
  4. Relax and be proud of your smile wrinkles – smile more often, even if you are not feeling like smiling. It will bring freshness to your every other smile, and make you look younger and happier, which can cheer other people, and you will feel beautiful, and other will notice that.

And don’t forget, your beauty comes from within, and your smile is a reflection of how you feel, and how you think of yourself. A beautiful smile is not some plastic in your face, or porcelain in your mouth, it is an unbreakable combination of many factors, most of them not aesthetically related, more emotionally, so smile like you mean it, and forget that others are looking, your smile is simply beautiful, and use it often.

P.S. and don’t forget a visit to the dentist every month or two, that surely helps too J


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