Best Weight-Loss TV Shows
Best Weight-Loss TV Shows

With the popularity wave of reality, television came an abundance of weight loss shows. Some of these shows are great and inspiring. Others tend to make nutritionists cringe. This is often due to the excessive exercising that is, at times, risky and unhealthy. It is also due to the overly restrictive diets. In either case, contestants are likely to gain most, if not all, of the weight back.

These shows can also set a dangerous precedent for viewers. Some may avoid starting their own weight loss journey because of the immense pressure that is portrayed on television. Others may push themselves down the wrong path and end up being less healthy than when they started. It is essential to watch the better weight loss shows for real inspiration and helpful guidance.


Strong, which is on NBC, is a unique competition show. Unlike alternative shows that only show people who are quite obese, it features a variety of body types. Proving that just because someone looks healthy, it does not mean they actually are healthy. Body positivity experts agree that this show shines a light on some of the misconceptions people have about what it means to be healthy.

What is also great about this show is that it isn’t just about losing weight. It is about becoming stronger and finding a balance between your mind and body. By focussing on overall health, this show presents a much healthier message.

Dr Oz

Although Dr. Oz isn’t exclusively a weight loss show, he touches on the topic frequently. Often providing helpful advice and recommendations to viewers who are looking to embark on their weight loss journey. For example, the garcinia cambogia Dr. Oz often recommends is frequently sought out by nutrition experts. This is because garcinia cambogia contains properties that are effective in aiding weight loss. When looking for garcinia cambogia, Dr. Oz suggests that you beware of “formulas” and seek appropriate doses of the product. Thanks to his research, viewers often benefit from the tips shared on this program.

The Big Fat Truth

The “Biggest Loser” has often been criticized for its extreme techniques. It doesn’t help that many of the contestants have gained back much of their weight. On “The Big Fat Truth”, former “Biggest Loser” contestants reunite to combat their old habits and establish better long-term habits. This show is recommended because it exposes the reality of quick fat-loss solutions that often don’t work. Instead, this show works to identify one of the big, and often underestimated culprits of weight gain: the mind. Many people gain weight because of poor habits and self-defeating thought processes. Inside the “Big Fat Truth”, they identify the triggers for weight gain and replace them with improved habits. These methods will prove more effective in keeping the weight off and living healthy for the long-term.

It is important not to underestimate the power of television. It can sway your opinions and negatively affect your mindset. If you are about to start a healthy living journey, or you are about to embark on one, watching these shows will serve as a positive influence.

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