3 Ways to Spice Up a Boring Diet

Spice Up a Boring Diet
Spice Up a Boring Diet

Our food helps mold how we experience the world around us.  From those familiar comfort foods that give us warmth and make our hearts and minds relax to the foods we eat regularly, we know we need their healthy benefits. It makes sense to reach out for things we’ve had before.  Unfortunately, going for the same familiar foods can leave us feeling incredibly bored and uninterested in what we’re eating.

Here are the fun and exciting ways to spice up a bland diet and give you new favorite foods that you’ll want to enjoy.

Start Small And Build Out From There

Although a diet that’s precisely the same every day can be incredibly dull: it’s also comforting to some who want a set schedule.  Instead of diving in headfirst and trying diets that you aren’t sure you’ll even like: start small and work your way out.

Starting small might mean that you trade out a light snack for something less familiar and more fun.  Instead of eating the same grapes or crackers, you have every day; you can seek out snacks that you’ve never tried before.  A great place to look for these is most international grocery stores, or by going into the international foods aisle in your local supermarket and seeking out snacks, you’ve never tried before.  This act can inspire more change without shocking your system and losing the schedule you love.

Treat Yourself To Something Almost Familiar

Change doesn’t have to be drastic!  You don’t have to go from having bacon and eggs to suddenly eating carbonara for breakfast.  Instead, consider working by degrees.  If you love to have bacon with breakfast every day, consider trying a bacon jam that can fulfill some of those needs.  It won’t have the same crunch, but you can make it just as fun!

Think about what parts of your bland diet you enjoy, and consider what you can do to push the boundaries on that a little bit.

Follow A Cooking Blog or YouTube Channel

If you’re open to any dish or cuisine and aren’t worried about making occasional mistakes: try following a food blogger or YouTuber!  Yes, there are dozens of websites out there full to the brim with recipes you’ve never heard of, but all of these new recipes can overwhelm and exhaust you.

Instead, look for a YouTuber or blogger who updates their content once or twice a week.  Try to seek out content creators who make the food you’d like but haven’t tried before, and make sure that the tools they use in most of their videos are tools that you own or are willing to purchase.

Every week when new recipes are posted, take the time to cook them as well!  You can use their trial and error to your benefit and learn something new.

Make sure to watch the whole video through, or read the entire blog post, before you try cooking along.  There’s nothing as annoying as starting a recipe to find out later that it takes twelve hours despite you wanting to eat no further out than an hour.

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