Your mind is an organ of utmost importance in your body. It weighs just 2% of your entire weight yet is responsible for every minuscule action that you take each day. The brain is a labyrinth of nerves and tissues that have multiple functions; from reflex actions like sneezing to the complicated process of writing an exam, everything is dependent on your brain.

Your brain needs a lot of energy to carry out its functions. It depends on the nutrients that you consume. The food you eat, inexplicably becomes what you are! So if you continue to eat cheeseburgers with a ton of fries, donuts and cakes, and high carbonated drinks, your brain function is likely to equal that of fried potatoes. High sodium and sugar are directly responsible for withering brain function, making you indecisive and fatigued.

It is often unforeseen how the conventionally grown and highly processed food impacts our body and brain, collectively. Due to a lack of awareness, the dangers of conventionally grown food often gets ignored. According to research commissioned by the European Parliament, the use of pesticides leads to compromised mental abilities in young children. A survey held in the American state of California suggests that pregnant women who had higher traces of organophosphate metabolites- the basis of the majority of pesticides, gave birth to children with adverse development of the brain. The children grew up with attention difficulties at age three and poorer intellectual development by age seven.

According to another study, 130 million IQ points are dropped annually because of the high content of pesticides found in food. If the decline in mental abilities due to obesity gets added to the mix, conventionally grown and highly processed food would be tossed out by almost, every prudent person.

In a world that thrives on speed and creativity, having slow cognitive function could lead to you losing a lot more than just your job. A healthy brain keeps you motivated to try harder to reach the goal you covet. It helps you to stay focused and also productive, all day long. And guess what keeps your brain at its best? Your food! If you do not monitor what you eat, you could potentially be damaging your brain. A lack of essential nutrients leads to age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia. To find out more about the disease and your mental health, you should look at BrainTest Reviews now!

Since we have now established the importance of organic food and also highlighted the impact of food on your brain, here is a list of 4 organic foods that can help your mind stay active and productive.


Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, black currant, and mulberries; All sound like the perfect exotic mix you would enjoy in an acai bowl on the weekend. These tiny, zesty fruits contain a lot of benefits for your brain. Organic berries contain significant amounts of vitamin C and E which is essential for cognitive function. Berries also protect your brain from plaque deposits due to their anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of catechins and phytochemicals make berries a boon for your mind. The flavonoids in berries boost motor skills and also sharpen your powers of perception, decision making, and creativity.


Avocados are not just any ordinary fruit. They carry a wide array of brain-boosting abilities that are usually left unseen. This source of monosaturated fats has been a favorite of celebrities and chefs alike. Your body cannot produce the fats it needs for the brain, and avocados are a prime source of the said healthy fats. These green fruits contain a compound named Lutien which is ideal for keeping the mind active and focused. Also, they prevent the clogging of blood vessels and protect you against strokes. The amount of potassium needed to keep the blood pressure low enough to boost brain function is also found in this strange fruit. So, go stock up on organic avocados and enjoy a few more avocado toasts!

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure everyone enjoys. It is the prime ingredient for many desserts and is also the favorite of each age group. Be it a fussy toddler or cute grandparents; chocolate wins over everyone. But what makes it even better is its nutrient content that is brilliant for your brain. Dark chocolate is the embodiment of the saying ‘stressed spelled backward is desserts.’ It contains polyphenols that have therapeutic properties. Dark chocolate improves your mood dramatically which helps you keep your brain active and your creative juices following. Improved blood circulation in the brain leads to better memory retention which is aided by the consumption of dark chocolate. Sleep-deprived or fatigued individuals can continue to focus on their tasks by keeping a stash of organic dark chocolate close to their workstations.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the answer to many woes of health-conscious people. Not only does it assist weight loss during keto-diets but it also helps you fuel your brain to become the sharpest it could be. Ketones are a vital source of nutrients for your mind that’s derived from medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. Coconut oil contains vast amounts of this essential fat. Thus, it proves to boost memory and delay the aging of your brain. The risk of falling prey to diseases as devastating as dementia gets lowered by 70%, by merely consuming organic coconut oil regularly. It is the cure for ailments ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to tooth decay.

Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping up with your body’s need for physical activity is essential for your brain. Being obese could lead to hormonal imbalances and risk thyroid disease, both of which can alter brain function. Make sure that you consume a balanced diet based on mostly organic foods to keep your brain active and productive. Studies suggest that a lack of physical activity can cause shrinkage of the brain volume in your later years. So don’t forget to add a few hours of exercise to your routine.

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