4 Types of Grills You Should Look Out for This Summer

Types of Grills You Should Look Out
Types of Grills You Should Look Out

As we all know, the summer season is grilling season and this year shouldn’t be any different. Although there are hundreds of places one could easily get grilled foods, the appeal isn’t as much as having to do the grilling yourself- you know, get your hands dirty. There’s a kind of satisfaction that comes from chewing on a steak you cooked yourself, it is even more satisfying if you’re skilled with the grill.

If you have grown tired of the type of grill you’re currently using and are ready to explore other options available, this article should educate you enough to make a choice. On the other hand, if you just stumbled on this article by chance, you may want to read through it, as they’re a few things you may pick along the way; after all, no knowledge is wasted right?

Without wasting much time, let’s dive right into the four types of grills that we will be seeing a lot of this summer. They are:

  1. Electric
  2. Gas
  3. Pellet
  4. Charcoal

Electric Grills

These are by far the most convenient type as it is quite easy to use and often comes with user-friendly features. They are portable grills that are perfect for city dwellers with no backyard or enough outdoor space. However, if you enjoy the char-grill flavor that comes from other types of grills, then an electric grill isn’t for you.

Although they heat up quickly, they do not burn with as much heat as other types of grills so a lot of that grill taste is lost. Nonetheless, they are quick to ignite as all that is required is to plug them in. With electric grills, you trade flavor for convenience; keep that in mind.

Gas Grills

Of all the types of grills, the gas grill is the most popular and widely used throughout the country. Like an electric grill, it is very convenient and easy to ignite as it begins to heat up with the push of a button. They heat up pretty fast and are known to cook food quickly, however, because they burn very clean, they do not do much in adding that char-grill flavor we all love.

Among the many reasons for which this grill is the most commonly used, the fact that it has so many features and accessories may be its major appeal to people. Gas grills usually come with several burners that can serve different purposes, for example the Blackstone 36″ patio series griddle has an air frying feature. For example, a cook could use one to heat up barbecue sauce, and another to sear steak; really handy features that enhance the grilling experience.

A gas grill doesn’t burn as hot as charcoal grills, but it does get pretty hot, usually maxing out at around 60 F. They also have control knobs for regulating the heat which gives cooks a lot more control. Lastly, along with electric grills, gas grills are easy to clean after use. Click here to learn more about grill accessories.

Pellet Grills

In recent years, pellets have become incredibly popular. They produce heat from wood pellets that are burned in a burn pot with an auger. They combine the convenience of a gas grill and the desirable flavor of the charcoal grill to give an overall great grilling experience.

In combining the features of the charcoal and gas grills, pellets, require electricity and so support varying heat settings. Also, because they burn with little pieces of wood, which are wood nonetheless, they give that flavor that is often expected in grilled foods. The hiccup with this type of grill is that it is pricey and isn’t as available on the market like others are.

Charcoal Grills

For grill purists, this type can never be compromised. Without mincing words, charcoal grill produces the best flavors of grilled food, and that is on period! Foods like chicken wings, steak, ribs, and burgers cooked with charcoal are simply irresistible. In fact, to be clear, once you get a taste of these charcoal-grilled foods, you’ll keep going back for more. Their char-grilled savor is second to none and will leave you hating on other grilling methods.

They burn very hotly, often reaching temperatures up to 70 F. Foods can be cooked right above the red-hot coals or indirectly by pushing the coals to one side. Foods broiled on charcoal cook properly as this method is much slower, making it perfect for cooking tough meat that requires an extended period of time before they become tender.  Visit https://www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/1113383/how-to-tenderize-meat/ to learn more about how to tenderize meat.

A charcoal grill is difficult to ignite and everything is done manually which means they require a lot of work. There are no knobs for regulating the temperature so, you’d have to be really skilled to work this one- or you risk burning your precious wagyu. Essentially, this type as earlier said is for grill purists who do not mind the smoke and hard work required to get that unrivaled grill flavor.


Making a choice of which type of grill to buy depends on several factors, and not just the taste each offers. Things like maintenance, cost of purchase, and for people in apartments, safety regulations should all be considered before making your final decision. Whichever one you end up buying, make sure to enjoy your summer.

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