4 Ways Good Nutrition Can Help Your Mind

Good Nutrition Can Help Your Mind
Good Nutrition Can Help Your Mind

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “food is the way to someone’s heart” then you’re almost right, but it’s not just the heart that will be positively affected by good food (although good nutrition for heart health is important), but the effects of good food and good nutrition can be seen hugely in the mental health of people too!

Food Positive

It’s been known for a long time now that nutrition, food, and mental health go hand in hand with each other, but not always in the most positive ways.

The folks over at edentreatment.com treat eating disorders like bulimia, and one of the recovery steps they suggest is to include “Eating a healthy diet that is abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains”. Food can be the root of an issue and the way out of a problem for many people, and getting that balance is important.

Here are four ways that good food, good nutrition, and a good relationship with food and nutrition can help keep your mind healthy, especially in winter.

Vitamin D

Who craves a salad in the wintertime? Not many people! While many of us are guilty of over-indulging a little over the Christmas period, if that continues through January and into the spring, you could be deficient in many vitamins by the time you do start craving a salad!

Make sure you get your vitamins in during the wintertime, especially Vitamin D as this is usually the one vitamin everyone is a little low in during winter because of the reduction in sunlight.

Colorful Fruit and Veg

You know how important it is to eat your five portions of fruit and veg a day, right? It’s important to eat them sure, but it’s also vital to vary the colors of your fruit and veg.

Different colored fruit and veg are higher in different nutrients that can help your body and your brain repair itself and improve functions into the future. So, grab yourself an apple, and some peas, and throw in some sweetcorn too!

Dairy Alternative

Have you ever had cheese nightmares? There’s some scant evidence that cheese can cause strange dreams, and it appears to be stronger cheeses like stilton that will bring out the crazies in your dreams, so now might be a good time to try some dairy alternatives.

Soya drinks and other mock dairy products made from coconut, oats, and various nuts can be a great alternative to help you kick the cheese and milk habit.

Hydration is King

How much water do you need every day? It’s around 6-8 standard glasses full every day to keep you going!

Your heart and your brain are made up of around 73% water, and keeping yourself hydrated is a vital way to keep everything in check and ensure that you’re on top form all the time.

It’s also great for flushing out your system and helping to keep you feeling perked up and ready to go, which has a huge boost on mental health.

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