5 Ways to Maintain a Good Shape During Summertime

5 Ways to Maintain a Good Shape During Summertime
5 Ways to Maintain a Good Shape During Summertime

Summer is finally here; the most awaited season for people who love being out in the sun. It’s the season when people go for summer vacations to enjoy the beach and take their usual indoor activities out for fresh air.

Summer offers the best backdrop for many activities, such as walking the dog, working out, swimming, or just relaxing. You can do anything in this warmer month without hesitation, especially if you detest the cold winter.

However, despite the beautiful sunny day, summer heat and physical activities can be a high-risk combination. But missing the summertime because you are afraid of getting sick is not an option either.  Therefore, here are some of the best ways to stay fit during the summer.

Drink Lots of Water

Exercising in hot weather can increase body temperature. When the body is exposed to high temperatures for too long, it may not be able to cool down, which will lead to exhaustion. Not only that, but there’s a high chance that you may suffer from heatstroke. This critical heat-related illness occurs when the body has no control over its temperature.

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Therefore, drinking lots of water is the easiest way to naturally cool down the body. Water can keep the core temperature of the body down throughout any physical activity. In addition, it also suppresses the appetite, which can help you to cut down on calories. To ensure that you drink enough water, bring along a refillable water bottle wherever you go. Even when you just want to relax on the beach, keep your bottle beside you.

Besides that, ensuring you are hydrated enough during summer is crucial. The best way to keep track of your hydration is by checking your urine color. For example, pale yellow shows you are hydrated, while a darker color indicates that you need to drink more water.

However, bear in mind that if you are taking any medication, that may also alter the color of your urine. Hence, this method may not be the best for everyone. So, what you can do is to make sure that you drink roughly 2 liters of water per day to maintain your hydration.

Know Your Body

As simple as this may sound, it is important to understand how your body is doing and what it is telling you. This prevents you from pushing yourself too much, which may cause the body to shut down. When you are doing an activity, even if it’s just walking along the beach, remember to listen to your body if it’s asking you to rest.

Furthermore, some symptoms to look for are dizziness, headache, and rapid heartbeat. If you are experiencing this, try to get indoors as soon as possible to let your body cool down. Additionally, if you have an air purifier at home, it may also help you by giving you fresh air after being outdoors for a long time.

In addition, you can also bring some snacks when you are doing an activity in case you start feeling tired. One of the best choices is juicy snacks which not only provide you with energy but also keep the body hydrated.

Eat Healthy Meals for Breakfast

When you have enough sleep at night, it shows that you have gone through eight hours or more with an empty stomach. Hence, the meals you have during breakfast will determine how much energy you are giving your body to kickstart the day.

Healthy Meals for Breakfast
Healthy Meals for Breakfast

Therefore, it is crucial to not skip your breakfast and eat a healthy breakfast such as whole grains cereal, fruits, or oats. Besides providing your body with enough energy, it boosts your mood to carry out any plan you have during the day.

Do It Early in the Morning

If you have many plans throughout the day but want to slip an exercise into your schedule, the best time to do it is early in the morning, between 7 am and 9 am. During this time, you get to experience the cool temperature even during summer.

Early morning exercise has different benefits, such as avoiding exposure to hot temperatures, which can cause many heat-related illnesses. Moreover, soaking in the morning sun helps generate vitamin D for the skin, which may aid in the prevention of premature skin aging. However, don’t forget to put on your sunblock before doing anything to avoid getting sunburned.

Wear Light-Colored Clothing

Some people may not know this, but the color of our clothing plays a huge role, especially during summer. Remember to wear light-colored clothes when out in the sun because they reflect the light instead of absorbing it. If you’re near Edmonton in Canada, Sweet Jolie has a huge range of women’s clothing for any season.

However, wearing dark clothes absorbs more heat, making you feel hotter even when you are not doing anything. In addition, you should also wear loose-fitting clothes so that the air can circulate over the skin and helps keep you cool.

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