7 Things You Can Do for Your Dental Health This Year

It is the season of New Year’s resolutions and those people who have been having a dental issue for a while are probably making decisions regarding their teeth. Any resolution is hard to follow through but the ones regarding dental health are special since they ensure less urgent visits to the dentist this year. You would be surprised how little it takes to maintain oral hygiene and ensure your teeth are healthy and white. In fact, every person can do these 6 simple things in order to have a beautiful smile throughout 2019.

Decrease sugar intake

Ever since we were children, we knew that too much sugar is not good for us. It makes people hyperactive and it is a major contributor to the development of many diseases. It doesn’t come as a surprise that it also has a negative influence on tooth decay so cutting back on sugar will ensure your teeth’ longevity.

As much as we are aware of this and are actively trying to decrease sugar intake, this can prove to be a near-impossible task. The industrially manufactured food we eat is loaded with sugar and we are often not aware to which degree. The next time you buy a candy bar or a fizzy drink, give the ingredients label a look. You will be surprised by the percentage of the reference daily intake. In some cases, a mere 250 ml of a fizzy drink can account for two-thirds of the healthy daily intake of sugar. If you eat anything else that day you are bound to go over 100%, thus inflicting indirect damage to your teeth. This is why organic food can be introduced into the diet so as to create a balance between all that unhealthy food and drinks that contain too much sugar.

Don’t visit the dentist in case of an emergency…

Just as is the case with most things in life, the attack is the best defense in dental hygiene. We take all the measures not to see the dentist but it turns out that we have to see them every so often. Going to the dentist regularly is a far cry from visiting the dentist when we have a toothache. We should learn to act preventively rather than remembering we have a designated dentist once things go wrong.

…but see your dentist regularly

We should make an appointment at least every six months so a thorough check-up can be done. It will show any potential problems before they have time to develop and cause us problems. Many dentists’ offices send reminders a week before the scheduled exam, so you don’t need to remember the date.

Adopt flossing

For many people, dental hygiene mostly consists of brushing their teeth twice a day and even this activity is often skipped or entirely disregarded. However, a toothbrush and toothpaste are not the only utensils that are used for keeping a high level of oral hygiene. Flossing is a method that ensures that every nook and cranny inside your mouth is free from food leftovers. It takes only a minute or two but if done regularly before bed it can significantly inhibit tooth decay. The main reason you haven’t adopted flossing by now is probably the quality of the floss itself. It is often made from weak materials and it tends to break easily, which would annoy anyone. In the New Year, make the decision of buying good-quality floss made from polyethylene fiber that is durable. You can have one type of floss inside your bathroom cabinet, another one at the office, and you can carry one in your purse or keep it in the car. They come in different lengths, from 15 meters, all the way up to 50 meters. The latter ones are ideal for family home use.

Embrace dairy products

Unfortunately, it is not enough to simply decrease the intake of harmful substances, such as sugar. You have to counter them by introducing foods that are beneficial for your teeth and as we all know, dairy products are spearheading the list of teeth-friendly dietary habits. Yogurt, milk, cheese, and other dairy products are rich in calcium which strengthens the enamel of our teeth. Also, certain fruit, like apples, are excellent mechanical cleaners of our teeth, removing all the plaque as we vigorously chew them. Coupled with the acid present in apples, they also disinfect the inside of our mouth.

Don’t be afraid to chew

Do you know how dogs have those chewing sticks that animal food manufacturers promise will strengthen their teeth? Well, the same thing goes for us humans, as chewing the food strengthens our gums. Therefore, an apple is not just healthy because it is fresh and full of vitamins but because we have to bite hard to eat it, making our whole mouth “exercise” in the process. Furthermore, chewing the food implies focusing on the food that we are eating which in terms means better digestion. In general, any physical activity that is followed through by mental focus has a greater effect on our body.


Quit smoking!

The last item on our list is the toughest one but if you manage to pull it off the effects will be the most visible and all-encompassing. Needless to say, smoking is bad for health but nowhere is this more visible than in our oral cavity. Smoking cigarettes contributes to numerous gum diseases, not to mention the increased risk of mouth cancer. If you are feeling unready to quit in 2019, then make this the first year you cut down on the number of smoked cigarettes so the next year will definitely be the year you quit for good.

The 5 things listed here are really not that hard to accomplish. All you need is goodwill that your teeth will be thankful for.

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