A Busy Man’s Guide to Staying in Shape

We all know the importance of taking care of our health, but for time-strapped gentlemen, fitting a workout into their daily schedule and focusing on healthy eating seems to be an even bigger challenge. Keeping yourself fit is hard, but it is also very achievable if you just stick with these couple of key tips.

Focus on intensity rather than quantity

Not being able to fit a lengthy workout into a busy schedule is one of the most common things preventing men from achieving their fitness goals and keeping their bodies in shape. This is why you want to concentrate more on how intense the exercise is instead of focusing on the length of your workout sessions.

A 45-minute workout preceded by a 10-minute warm up can be equally effective as lengthier workout sessions, especially if you focus on exercises and compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups in your body such as pull ups, bench press, deadlifts, and squats.

Plan and prepare in advance

This goes for both meals and workouts. Preparation is crucial to ensuring success and helping your body stay in shape, so you want to take a couple of minutes every day to create a plan for the next day and ensure you welcome the day ready and motivated to succeed.

It’s best if you start your day with a morning workout while everyone’s still asleep. Setting that alarm clock a few hours earlier means you’ll have the entire day in front of you and you’ll feel fresh and energized so there will be fewer excuses to hold you back.

In addition, plan your meals in advance and know exactly what you’re going to eat that day. If buying groceries and preparing meals doesn’t really fit into your schedule, consider hiring healthy meal delivery services to simplify the process and ensure you always have a healthy meal waiting for you.

Learn how to eat more mindfully

Working out is essential to keeping your body in great condition, but it also has to do a lot with your dietary habits. Aside from making sure that you fuel your body with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, you should also put some effort into learning about mindful eating.

This might be challenging for a busy individual, but it’s very important. Instead of eating behind the desk or while working, focus your attention to chewing slowly and thoroughly and really enjoying your meal and all the tastes, textures, and flavors. Taking your time to eat more mindfully will help you gain more control over your eating habits. It’ll also prevent you from overeating, which is essential to staying in tip-top shape.

Use natural supplements that support a healthy lifestyle

Focusing on proper nutrition is important, but as a busy individual, you may not have the time and energy to ensure that you’re getting all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals through your diet. Sometimes, your meals may lack certain nutrients or may not contain enough of them.

When that happens, it’s a good idea to rely on natural dietary supplements. Not only do they provide a healthy alternative for time-strapped individuals, but taking certain supplements such as aloe vera powder can help strengthen digestive and immune health and promote healthy gut flora by assisting in nutrient distribution throughout the body. Other supplements you should consider include fish oils, whey protein supplements, and antioxidant supplements.

Incorporate music into your workouts

This can be a great way to get yourself to work out even when you don’t really feel like hitting the gym or taking that jog around the block. Music has been proven to have an immense impact on our minds during physical activities, from improving our mood and reducing stress levels to increasing endurance and enhancing our performance.

You may even find yourself working out longer, running farther, and moving faster than you normally do, especially if you play the tunes you really enjoy.

Set realistic goals and be optimistic

One of the most important things about getting in shape and staying that way is to be realistic about the process. You want to make exercising a habit and not just a short-term solution for dropping a few extra pounds.

This is why you need to set fitness goals that are achievable and then visualize yourself achieving those goals on a daily basis. Look forward to your goals, be optimistic, and soon enough, healthy habits will become a part of your lifestyle.

Wrapping up

Dedicating part of your day to focus on nutrition and exercising may seem impossible when you’re already strapped for time, but it’s certainly achievable if you keep yourself organized and accountable. With these tips in mind, there’s nothing stopping you from crushing your fitness goals.

Taylor Parker is an American based writer and blogger. She is very passionate about family, fashion, health, and lifestyle. Taylor writes mostly lifestyle articles, but also you’ll find her in home improvement and other niches.