Arabian Cuisines Will Add Spice To Your Meals!

Haven’t you heard about one of the most popular TV series ‘The Arabian Nights?’ I am sure you all have. In case you have not watched the show, you must have compensated this by reading a novel – Arabian Nights. Arabian culture associates itself with a great deal of classic stories. Arabian stories will make you fantasies about an ideal Arabian lifestyle from the magical flying carpet to the ride on the camel back and anything in between.

I will walk you through one of the amazing Arabian countries Dubai – the city full of edifice. Around 6 million tourists visit Dubai every year. This staggering stat clearly indicates the craving for Dubai by the visitors globally.

Dubai follows ancient culture and tradition and it has been able to keep it alive so that the visitors can as well feel it and reckon the essence back home.

One other major Dubai attraction for tourists is Arabian Cuisines. Arabian recipe is striking takeaway for the tourists. Some of the food articles from the Arabian cuisine that will activate your taste buds are Hummus, Tahini, Tabouleh, Pita breads and Baklawa. I personally enjoyed these on Dinner Cruise in Dubai. Let’s explore each of these individually:

Let’s start with the hummus, one of the commonly served appetizers in the Arabic cuisine. It could be cooked quite easily and generally served with Pita bread. The best part is that it has a long shelf life and could be later preserved in the freezers. Isn’t this amazing?

Butter or various flavors of jams are widely applied on toast across the globe. People of Dubai apply Tahini on bread and toasts. Tahini is normally stored in a tight container and could be refrigerated for nearly 3 months.

The vegetable sandwich consumption is very common among most of us but Dubai is different with sandwiches too. Falafels are the small balls of vegetables that you see in a sandwich. These are the most apt meal for a light vegetarian snack in Dubai. It’s normally served hot and consumed during the parties as well.

For those tourists who relish salads, Tabouleh will be a treat to many. It’s one of the best salads that I have tasted ever. Made of lives, fresh vegetables and spices, people traditionally eat it with a fork wrapped along with pita bread.

Landing in Dubai, you will see fewer people and more of Pita breads around. One of the most preferred meal item is pita breads. It would not be possible to cook it at home because of the excessive heat requirements.

You finish up your meals with the Baklawa, a form of Arabian Desert. The Turkish coffee and Turkish delight are also consumed largely in the Arabian cuisine.

If you are a tourist and want to enjoy the Middle East flavor, try out the best restaurants in town. Even while you ride through the hot air balloon, tour a desert safari, visit the Dubai museum, you might be offered the Arabian cuisine at some point of your travel.

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