Are CBD Products Addictive?

Are CBD Products Addictive
Are CBD Products Addictive

One concern many CBD users have is – are CBD products habit-forming. Will they lead to dependency with extensive use? Some conditions like severe pain, require continuous, or even daily use.

Since the industry is relatively young, research on addictiveness is in its early stages. However, it’s essential to be aware of any cause for concern. You want to benefit from using CBD oil and not get another condition to handle.

Is CBD Addictive?

Even though more studies are needed, the short answer is no. Using these products won’t lead to dependency. When you opt to use CBD products, choose broad-spectrum, and isolate to avoid addictiveness.

These two CBD categories lack the THC component of cannabis that causes the ‘high’ effect. Without that, you get all the relief without any potential conditions. The Journal of Drug and Alcohol dependence published a study on this back in 2017.

The research team brought together many pot users and gave them varying doses of CBD. Another group got a combination of CBD and THC. The results proved that CBD didn’t bring about any form of addiction.

When you opt to use CBD, try and stay away from full-spectrum CBD products. The THC can then lead to CUD (Cannabis Use Disorder). Even though full-spectrum products work faster, the risk far outweighs the benefit with prolonged use.

Can CBD Help Fight Addiction?

So far, you know that THC is addictive, and it’s wise to stay away from it. New research now reveals that CBD products can come in handy when combating addiction.

Many people that use THC products get dependent and stopping leads to severe withdrawal. A report released in 2013 from a group or researchers proves CBD can combat addiction. A young lady suffering from CWS (Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome) got monitored doses of CBD for ten days.

The researchers observed reduced withdrawal symptoms over that period. It goes to show that CBD is beneficial to the human body. Additionally, it can be used to reverse the effects of THC that leads to addiction.

Is CBD Safe?

When dealing with concerns for addiction, it’s crucial to also look into safety concerns. Is CBD safe to use? What is known so far is CBD is safe to use to help alleviate several health conditions. Still, it’s not without side-effects.

is cbd safe
is cbd safe

Some people get psychoactive reactions from using CBD. Even though they might not be as potent as THC, you can get drowsy. With that in mind, as a new user, start with small doses of CBD tincture and observe the effects it has on you.

Other side effects of CBD to watch out for are diarrhea leading to dehydration, and a dry mouth. Also, some people experience fatigue and loss of appetite. All these are not indicators of addiction but rather ways your body can respond to using CBD.


CBD is considered safe to use even though more research to support this is required. Admittedly, the industry is growing fast, and studies take time to convey results. But so far, CBD has not shown any signs of being addictive. In fact, it might help those with cannabis withdrawal get better.

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