Are Meal Kits for You? Find Out in Ten Simple Steps…

Are Meal Kits for You?
Are Meal Kits for You?

Thank to the realities of the global pandemic, meal kits have surged in popularity. And it’s no wonder why – these products ship with everything needed to prepare a specific meal. But are meal kits right for you? Find out in ten simple steps – let’s get started.

1) Do Grocery Stores Freak You Out?

In the Before Times, grocery shopping was an errand we rarely thought about. We’d pop in after work and pick up whatever we needed to cook for dinner. It was something we took for granted – everyone did.

Then COVID happened. Within months, infection rates skyrocketed. In the most stricken areas, more than 1% of the population had an active case. Under these conditions, a quick trip to the supermarket meant playing “Russian Roulette” with your health.

So, we turned to meal kit delivery services. Rather than getting food in a potentially infected environment, food came to us. Apart from sanitizing surfaces on arrival, the COVID risk with food boxes is far lower than grocery trips.

But even before the pandemic, many busy adults had little patience for supermarket trips. Driving to the store and finding staples was a time-consuming affair. Consequently, these professionals have also turned to food boxes in droves.

Rather than trying to hunt down hard-to-find ingredients, meal kit companies do that for you.

2) Are You Getting Tired of the Same-Old, Same-Old?

Routine has its downsides. While it helps to get our ducks in a row, doing the same thing repeatedly can get boring. After eating the same meals for weeks, months, or even years, we silently long for a break in our self-imposed monotony.

However, inertia is a powerful force. When busy, it can be hard to find the energy to plot out new dishes. Meal kits take the work out of the process. When you order them, they come with everything you need.

Also, a lack of perceived cooking skills holds many back from expanding their horizons. So, rather than risk embarrassment, they stay in their comfort zones. But by trying meal kits, they have ended up facing their fears.

You likely won’t be showing up on Masterchef anytime soon. But the skills you pick up trying new recipes will serve you well in the years ahead.

3) Trying to Go Vegan, Gluten-Free, or Eat Like an Athlete?

Traditional North American diets are killing us – full stop. In Canada, well over 60% are overweight or obese. These conditions put us at far greater risk of conditions like Type II Diabetes, heart disease, and various cancers.

To avoid this fate, many are going vegan. They aren’t doing this for ethical reasons – the data shows that vegan diets are far healthier. They trigger reductions in LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, blood glucose, and lower one’s heart disease risk.

However, good intentions mean little in the face of deeply ingrained habits. Dopamine, a potent “reward” chemical, governs our daily actions. Add in other factors like peer pressure, and it’s no wonder change is so hard.

However, any method that makes behavior change easier increases your odds. That’s why more people are opting for vegan, gluten-free, or other specialty meal kits. These options not only make it easy to adopt a given diet, but they also get meals that taste good.

Want to do the same? Check out meal kit reviews and meal kit client reviews. After reading a few, you’ll have an idea which ones are best for you.

4) Do You Need to Cut Back On Delivery/Dining Out?

Many of us may be working from home, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t busy. Quite the contrary – many remote workers report increased workloads over a year ago. So, they have ended up ordering delivery far more than they would like to admit.

According to a study by Tufts University, this practice isn’t healthy; 70% of fast-food and 50% of full-service restaurant meals offer poor nutritional quality. Only 0.1% of analyzed restaurant meals were of ideal nutritional quality.

The data is damning – not only is relying on delivery/eating out expensive, but it also comes at the cost of our health. So, as a result, more of us are ordering meal kits to save money AND our waistlines.

5) Does Excess Packaging Bother You?

We like to think of ourselves as environmentally responsible citizens. We don’t litter, we separate recyclables from our trash, and we try to keep our carbon emissions to a minimum.

But as many have found out recently, the packaging in meal kits can be shocking. In 2019, American research scientist Michael Webber disclosed that despite the energy reduction benefits of meal kits, their over-reliance on single-use packaging actually increases emissions.

According to Mr. Webber, the packaging would need to decline by 20% to make the meal kit industry carbon neutral. So, if you’re interested in meal kits but concerned about the environment, check meal kit reviews to find companies that minimize waste.

6) Check Meal Kit Reviews

The meal-kit industry is starting to get crowded. With dozens of options out there, it can be tough to decide on a specific option. Thankfully, sites that offer meal kit reviews have begun to emerge.

These resources break down what each provider has to offer. From detailed plan breakdowns to head-to-head comparisons with competitors, these sites makes it easier to choose a food box.

Want examples of sites that offer quality meal kit reviews? does detailed meal kit reviews – give them a look.

7) Review Meal Plans & Weekly Cost

But how exactly do you narrow your options down to a few choices? To do this, define your needs/wants beforehand. What dietary restrictions/choices are relevant to you? What are your fitness goals? How much can you spend on meal kits every week?

By answering these questions, you’ll have the data needed to begin thinning the herd. Check out some meal kit reviews – if a site doesn’t meet your requirements, drop them. Then, look at some meal kit client reviews. To find these, punch in a candidate site on review giants like Trustpilot.

Soon, you’ll have a shortlist – contrast the candidates against your wants, and soon, you’ll have your meal kit provider.

8) Order Several Menus

So you’ve chosen a meal kit – congratulations! However, despite initial appearances, it might not live up to your expectations. So, give several of their menus a shot. After a month or two, you’ll have a much better idea whether a specific food box is for you.

9) Take Advantage of Promotional Offers

Meal kits are fun to try, but they aren’t cheap either. Fortunately, many providers have welcome offers that make them easier to try. So, take advantage of any offers you come across in meal kit reviews. This way, you can try meal kits for less.

10) You Don’t Have To Order Meal Kits Every Week

Meal kits are a convenient way to try new dishes. That is, until it’s time to go on vacation. What then? Not to worry – your weekly food box doesn’t have to rot on your doorstep. Virtually all providers offer the ability to pause shipments for a short period.

This way, you can enjoy your meal kit subscription without stressing over wasted food & money.

Meal Kits Have Sparked Joy in Countless Lives

This past year has made it clear – our cooking/eating routines are boring and/or unhealthy. If you’re in this camp, we hope this post has answered any questions you may have had about meal kits.

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