Top websites to help you beat breast cancer
Top websites to help you beat breast cancer

There is no easy way to fight breast cancer and everyone unfortunate enough who fought it can and will confirm that. This is a serious subject that requires serious approach and all the information you get has to be true, no space for mistakes and experiments, your or your close ones life depends on it.

Fortunately nowadays information is available all the time. It’s the year 2018, and you can get information right around the corner. Patients and survivals testimonials, doctor’s recommendations, diets of all sorts, everything that will help you battle breast cancer in the best way possible. Even information on new medications and alternative therapies is available online, every day, and it gets updated as you read this line, so nobody can say they cannot be informed enough. However, online you can find a lot of information that is simply not true, therapy that is not good for you, experimental drugs that don’t work and testimonials made by people who are only after money, and they will sell you anything for a price, and that anything won’t work.

Still, there are people who are there only to help you, to give you the right direction and information that will help you, to support you all the way thru your healing process and to simply give a tap on your shoulder, and strip you from any false hope that it will simply go away by itself. That support is available for you, free, and you can find it. Start your “beath the cancer” journey  with the down listed websites and blogs:

  • is a non-profit organization and probably the best you can find online, providing you with the newest up-to-date reliable and proven information about breast cancer. You can find the whole process, from symptoms to diagnosis and a way of treatment, all the way to the side-effect of any therapy. The best part probably is the chat rooms and discussion boards where you can meet patients from all over the world exchanging their everyday life routine, their difficulties with this disease and the way they overcame them.

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  • National Breast Cancer Foundation

This site is divided in three sections, including patient services, like support, than disease information (all the info you need for the diagnosis and symptoms for early detection) and the way to fight it (from initiatives to an online shop including products that support breast cancer awareness where you can also donate). At the National Breast Cancer Foundation you can also find breast cancer events and mammography centers and screening locations near you. The format of the site is easy to read and the interface is user friendly so you easily navigate to the desired information.

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  • Cancerwise

This is the blog of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and is purely devoted to cancer education, prevention and patient care. Their mission is eliminating cancer from the whole world, and they hope to achieve that by integrating cancer research and prevention, educations for medical stuff throughout the world and of course patient care. This site also includes blogs from breast cancer victims sharing their deepest feelings and experiences, which have proved to be most useful to new patients.

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  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer

LBBC is a website providing programs and services to the unfortunates suffering breast cancer, with a goal to offer reliable information and support which is both accessible and trustworthy. The information on this website is continuously being reviewed and updated by healthcare experts and people living with breast cancer through all the stages of the disease.

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  • Pink Ribbon International

Providing a vast range of information, Pink Ribbon International raises the awareness about breast cancer, by sharing events and chances to donate and help the cause. The information on this website is always fresh, and it is very simple to navigate. What is different in this website is that besides the educational nature of the information (from detection to all the stages of the disease) it covers life-style advice on fashion and beauty tips.

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This site is run by a voluntary organization, The American Society at, and it is by far one of the most comprehensive sites on cancer and related matters. This site covers all types of cancer, with discussion boards and forums, including the discussion board on breast cancer. The information is reliable and true, and helps millions of people worldwide. Best try it and visit to visit the discussion board on breast cancer.

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  • Share Cancer Support

Based in New York, this organization offers free support services to breast cancer patients and survivors of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Their moto is “SHARE supports, educates, and empowers people affected by breast or ovarian cancer. All of our services are provided by survivors who’ve been there. … We help people face their feelings and fears, communicate effectively with their doctors, and make informed decisions about their health. …SHARE’s services include telephone support, educational programs, support groups, and public-health initiatives.”

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  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Unfortunately Susan G. Komen lost the long battle with breast cancer, but her sister continued the battle by creating an organization dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer, and becoming the organization with largest source of non-profit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world. This site covers all the necessary information on breast cancer and you can even get involved and donate to the cause.

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  • Nancy’s point

After her mother’s death after losing the battle against breast cancer, Nancy found out she carries the BRCA2 mutation. She was diagnosed in 2010, and ever since she works on her blog offering a wealth of information, everyday information like what you should take to chemo, how to face a bilateral mastectomy, and adaptation to the disease. Perhaps brutal for some, refusing to sugarcoat breast cancer, this blogger deserves your full attention and your respect, because she writes her testimonies, and writes from the hearth.

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  • FORCE:Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

FORCE offers all the information you need concerning hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The information includes genetic testing and related matters, and also includes chat rooms, forums and connects victims from all parts of the world.

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  • Detrice Matthews

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer when being just 32 years old, a mother to two young children and a wife, and aims to help all involved by a positive insight into fighting breast cancer in young age. Inspirational and true, Dees blog offers useful information through her own experience.

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Of course there are a lot more websites and blogs that are out there and are very helpful and new ones emerge every day. Sharing their experience helps in the battle against breast cancer, and inspires more and more to join the fight, whether by donating or by sharing their experience, and if you can help, visit sites and share your experience, or even better, make a blog, let everyone know how you are dealing with the disease, and try and help them out, as they have tried to help you!

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