Being Fit in 2020: Common Gym Challenges and How to Get Past Them

Being Fit in 2020
Being Fit in 2020

If you wanted to lose weight this year, there’s a chance you’re early into a gym membership, or about to get one. You envision yourself sticking to gym work for a while, at least until you reach your fitness goals. However, most end up failing. Almost everyone who starts going to the gym ends up quitting after a few months. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is because they don’t plan ahead. By reading this article, it can help you stick to a gym plan. Let’s look at some common problems, and what to do about them.

Problem: Too Sore

If you have lived a sedentary or mostly inactive lifestyle, going to the gym can be a new world for your body. But at first, it may not seem that way. You end up going quite hard and feeling good afterwards.

Then, you’re in so much pain the next day. This is known as DOMS, or delayed-onset muscle soreness. For those who work out hard without experience, it’s more than slightly sore muscles. For the next few days, you feel like you can’t walk. It goes away, but the soreness makes you think twice.


There are many ways to reduce the impact on DOMS. Here are a few.

  • Set smaller goals. Don’t work out too hard, and focus on one part of your body.
  • After working out, stay hydrated and make sure you have some protein.
  • Have some ice packs or ibuprofen handy. Or anything to relieve the pain.

Knowing about DOMS can help you prevent it or at least make it less painful, allowing you to keep going.

Problem: You Want Fast Results

We live in a time when people want instant gratification, but with the gym, it’s a slow burn. You aren’t going to lose 100 pounds in a few days, or look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after pumping iron for a week. This may discourage you and keep you from going to the gym. Especially if the results seem to be the opposite. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and your weight goes up, you may quit. With that one, always realize that weight fluctuates, and it’s better to count body fat in this case.

Also, make sure you’re eating well. Having healthy foods can give you faster results than if you ate nothing but garbage.

Solution: Have Realistic Goals

Talk to a personal trainer or use a fitness app. See if you can have a realistic goal, such as losing a pound or two in a week, and then carry on from there. Realize that your goals will take a bit, and there are going to be some steps back. You may end up eating a lot more food one day, for example.

Also, don’t go to the gym just for your body image. Working out has many health benefits, such as bettering your mood, giving you more energy, and helping you sleep better at night. These should be the reasons why you work out as well. If more people realized this, the gym would be packed with people.

Problem: No Time

Sometimes, you may feel like you don’t have time, especially if the gym is far away from your house. If you have a job, school, kids, or any other challenges, the gym may feel infeasible. Even a small workout might seem like it’s “too much” time.


However, it’s not. In many cases, there is time in your day for the gym. Look at how you spend your time and see how you can squeeze the gym in there. It may require sacrifice, such as watching less TV. If you still don’t have enough, consider working out at home. While it’s not the most exciting and you may not have the right equipment, there are still some ways to get a sweat going.

Problem: Too Expensive

Going to the gym can be costly. Prices will vary, but you may find yourself paying around $20 a month. Sometimes less, sometimes more. However, if you have to drive far, this can add to it. Plus, various other expenses involved with fitness.


Look at all the gyms in your area and compare prices. Sometimes, you may find that a gym offers a deal. For instance, paying in bulk for a few months may save you money in the long run. This is also one of those cases where working out at home may help you save money.

Also, look at your expenses. Is there anything you can cut out? Canceling a streaming service for a bit or not eating out as much may end up helping you reclaim the cost for the gym.

Problem: No Support

Finding support when you work out is important. When you’re feeling down, having encouragement can help. In fact, a workout partner is perfect for holding yourself accountable. But many people don’t have the support they need.


Talk to some people in the gym and see if anyone wants to be your workout partner. If not, then you may want to speak to a counselor, life coach, psychologist, or personal trainer. They can be the person who gives you the motivation you need.

We hope that for 2020, you continue with your fitness journey and be the best you can be.

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