Cannabis Oil – The New Wonder Remedy?!

Cannabis oil intro

A lot of discussions have been made, and a lot of experts and scientists made researches, wrote various pros and cons filled articles, and still, there is no certain information of the beneficial properties of cannabis oil. However, there are a lot of confessions from patients, threatened by various illnesses, from anxiety, depression, ALS, all the way to terminal cancer. And these confessions are from real people, like you and me, and these people have gone through hell, and these people now feel much better, some are even cured, and they say it has all to do with the consumption of cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil brief history

Before heading on, let us check the historical facts. The first historical data on cannabis dates back to 1000BC, and you might have guessed, the first people who found out of the medicinal benefits were the ancient Chinese, more precisely Taiwan. People found out that the leaves and the fruit might be poisonous, but the flowers (especially in bloom) and the seed kernels are not. When powdered, and mixed with wine, the Chinese surgeons used cannabis seeds and flowers as anesthetics, and don’t forget, this was the 1st millennium BC.

Cannabis oil remedy
Cannabis oil remedy

The usage of cannabis throughout history is wide, from ancient India, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, medieval Arabia, and the range of usage is extremely big. It was used as a painkiller, insomnia, dysentery, and sunstroke, used as a diuretic, antiemetic, antiepileptic, anti-inflammatory, as an analgesic and antipyretic, because of the properties of cannabis, which obviously were more researched then than today (probably back then it wasn’t illegal).

In modern history, cannabis was also widely used; some data have shown that more than 2000 cannabis products were used prior to 1937, with more than 200 producers. Many people quickly discovered that inhaling the smoke of cannabis induces relaxed and calm feelings, so it was used as a relaxant. In late 1970, the first synthetic THC was produced, in a form of a capsule, by the name Marinol (USA). However, most of the patients preferred smoking, because of the side effects of the capsule, like nausea associated with chemotherapy and because of the instant relief of some symptoms while smoking compared to oral ingestion.

Uses and benefits of cannabis oil

cannabis cures cancer
cannabis cures cancer

The extracted oil of cannabis, Sativa or Indica, has extensive usage in the whole world today. As already mentioned, there are tons of studies that support this claim. But which are the benefits of using cannabis oil? It depends, largely on the type of cannabis from which the oil has been extracted, is it sativa or indica. The difference comes from the fact that different strains of cannabis have different ratios of active compounds, which are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), and CBN (cannabinol) (there are other active compounds, but these are the main three).

The active compounds have a different impact on our organism, the first one, THC, is a psychoactive compound that causes euphoria, works as a pain reliever, and has a strong “high” effect, as described by some users. The two other compounds have totally another impact on people, mainly because these are not psychoactive compounds, but the effect produced is used in several situations, like anxiety, depression, and insomnia, where it works as warm milk for a baby.

This is just a shortlist of the benefits of using cannabis oil from different strains, and again, these are just the main benefits:

  • treating anxiety and stress
  • treating insomnia and sleep disorders
  • increasing your appetite
  • as painkiller
  • for skin protection
  • treating asthma (because of its anti-inflammatory properties)
  • heart disease treatment (antioxidant properties)
  • eye health (treating glaucoma)
  • And last, but certainly not least – treating cancer!

There is still a large dilemma and unneeded controversy over the usage of cannabis oil as a preventive remedy, or in some cases, as a cure for cancer. Early reports from many researchers have shown that the preventive effect in treating cancer is undeniable, in reducing the size of existing tumors, and in many cases, destroying the cancerous cells in total. But still, we would rather believe the words of actual patients, who have been treated, and who had survived, and yes, I do know such people, and the number is surprisingly large.

Where to acquire cannabis oil

Cannabis oil and medical marijuana
Cannabis oil and medical marijuana

Of course, be careful when choosing your cannabis oil, because there are a lot of different cannabis oils throughout the world, from industrial made cannabis oil, with exact ratio of active compounds, all the way to homemade cannabis oil, with no exact metrics.

Some companies produce a CBD oil for sleep that helps prepare your body for a great night’s sleep.

And yet, people tend to trust the small producers more, as illegal or suspicious it sounds, but more and more people turn to small producers who build some sort of relationship with the clients/patients. Don’t be surprised, don’t expect a doctor in a white coat, but expect a friendly face willing to help. There are even cases when doctors send their patients to people who produce cannabis oil because in many cases, the small producers are some sort of an expert when it comes to cannabis oil and benefits. They can make the right kind of cannabis oil for your problem, including the right ratio, and usually, they can propose the right dosage and way of usage (there are different ways of applying the oil).

The number of countries legalizing the usage of medicinal cannabis increases as we speak, and in some countries is even decriminalized. Somewhere you can plant and keep few plants of cannabis, and with little effort, you can even brew your own cannabis oil, legally. However, in some countries, the usage of cannabis oil as a medicinal remedy is strictly controlled and is only being produced by big pharmaceutical companies, and as such, most of the time, it doesn’t have the right enough concentration of active compounds. Yes, you can still treat anxiety and insomnia, but unfortunately, for serious illness, you will have to find some serious cannabis oil, with just the right concentration of active compounds. No wonder the big pharmaceutical companies are denying the beneficial properties of cannabis oil, especially when discussing the effect of cannabis oil on cancer cells.

Uses and benefits of cannabis oil
Uses and benefits of cannabis oil

Nonetheless, a small warning when using Cannabis Oil

Even with everything said, bear in mind that cannabis oil is still a very potent chemical substance, with possible high psychotropic effects. Therefore, consult your doctor if you are using other medications, or consult some of the health-promoting societies promoting the usage of cannabis oil prior to using it. The right dosage and the right conditions are crucial in treating any illness and make sure you will avoid any undesired effects. Just saying!



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