Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware
Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron cookware has been used for ages and now they have entered the market once again. Since the time they were first made in China, this cookware has spread to almost all continents and has become one of the main essentials in every kitchen. Cast iron cookware not only has its own health benefits over today’s modern crockery but it also looks very attractive and is visually appealing.

Cast Iron is that cookware that can not only be used to prepare food but also serve it. Nowadays, not only homes but even restaurants prefer this cast iron crockery. Let us see the benefits and the usage of this crockery in detail now.


Cast iron cookware has many benefits out of which have been mentioned. These are:

  1. Durable: They are extremely durable and cannot be destroyed. It is because of this feature of theirs, not all stores which sell cast iron cookware have the purest ones. Moreover, the cookware when seasoned lasts longer and does not require much maintenance.
  2. Heat retention capacity: Cast iron cookware is a great option for cooking as they remain heated for a longer time period. The cookware also allows us to have an even heating area. The surface which we cook doesn’t matter as the heat is evenly distributed within the cast iron cookware.
  3. Non-stick: Generally, when cast iron is seasoned, they become non-stick and are sometimes an even better choice than the normal Teflon pans. The Teflon pans may lose their non-stick nature but cast iron barely does. Even if it loses, the owner can season their cast iron pans, skillet, and another crockery themselves.
  4. Automatic Seasoning: While you are using your cast iron pan, you might not even realize that you have already seasoned it! Yes, that’s right, cast iron cookware gets automatically seasoned and gets better every time you cook with it.
  5. Versatility: One of the major benefits of using cast iron cookware is its versatility in cooking. It can be used in ovens, open flame, or even induction.
  6. Cheap: Cast iron cookware is way cheaper than any other alternatives similar in properties to that of cast iron. Finding a cast iron skillet or cast iron pan at a reasonable price is very easy. Nowadays, there are even online sites such Ecohindu, and others that deal with these types of traditional crockery.
Benefits of using cast iron cookware
Benefits of using cast iron cookware


Handling cookware is perhaps one of the first things which comes to mind while purchasing it. So, let us see how to use and care for cast iron cookware.

  1. Seasoned cast iron cookware can last ages when it is properly taken care of. In order to prevent cast iron from rusting, always season it after usage. Seasoning the cast iron utensils helps the oil to get into the metal and thus prevents it from getting rusted. This would also help retain the non-stickiness factor of the seasoned cast iron cookware.
  2. Acidic food, such as tomatoes, vinegar, citrus fruits, etc, can affect the surface of the pan or on the utensil, you are cooking as the iron is pulled by the acid in the food. This often results in the foods turning a little dark in color. Due to this fact, the surface of the cookware loses its seasoning and needs a check from time to time.
  3. While washing your cast iron pan use mild hot water. Try to avoid the soap as it might break down the seasoning. Using a mild soap or cleaner would also do, but cleaning with mild hot water is ideal.
  4. Seasoning of cast iron cookware is not difficult. Rather it is very simple and can be done within minutes. If by any chance, you find your cast iron cookware to rust, just clean it with a steel scrubber and then season it, and there you go! Your new cast iron cookware is ready to be used again.
  5. Though you can use almost any spatula for cooking while using your cast iron pan, it is advisable to use something much sturdier while cooking delicate dishes. Also, before you actually start cooking, it is advisable to preheat the cast iron cookware as it performs well, but keep in mind not to overheat as this would burn your food. One way is to cook in low-medium flame.


Cast iron really has huge importance in every kitchen and is probably one of the most bought crockeries in today’s world. Thus it is very important to know how to use a cast iron pan or skillet or any cast iron cookware. Proper care along with good seasoning would help your cookware last ages or else it might not retain its properties for even a few months. Cast iron cookware is not only multipurpose but is also one of the best cookware.

But choosing your perfect cast iron cookware can be challenging as not many shops sell this product. Cast-iron products are available online at Ecohindu. So while you are purchasing your own cast-iron skillet or cast iron pan, keep a check on all the necessary pointers such as the handles, depth of the pan, seasoning, and other important factors. After choosing your cast iron cookware use it as frequently as possible to avail the benefits and goodness of this crockery and also to keep it in good condition.

Keep cooking and keep sharing benefits!

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