CBD Benefits In Tea And Coffee

CBD-infused products are taking the world by storm, and for good reason. Food and beverages enriched with this amazing compound have the power to transform our mood, calm anxious thoughts, and help us manage stress. Due to its therapeutic benefits, CBD has captured the attention of numerous companies. This is why today we can find everything from CBD gummies and e-liquids to sundaes and even salads.

Now, restaurants and cafés all across America are taking the CBD trend and putting their own twist on it by coming up with various tea and coffee flavors that perfectly complement CBD products. This makes it quite easy to make CBD products a part of your daily routine. And because CBD is perfectly legal and safe, you can easily make your favorite CBD-infused beverages at home. In this article, we’re exploring CBD benefits in tea and coffee and the positive effects it has on our health.

Improved mood

If you’re like most Americans, you probably experience anxiety as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is because our cortisol (stress hormone) levels tend to be the highest when we get up. While this is common, if the levels stay high for a longer period of time, they can harm your health.

On the other hand, taking a CBD-infused tea or coffee first thing in the morning can make you happier. After taking CBD, your body starts to replace cortisol with serotonin and dopamine – the happiness hormones. This leads to individuals experiencing improved mood, which can completely change your attitude and leave you feeling happier.

Reduced anxiety and depression

Other than helping improve your mood, CBD-infused beverages also have anti-anxiety properties. According to statistics, every third person in America is dealing with an anxiety disorder, yet only 36.9% receive necessary treatment. Furthermore, 4.7% of Americans aged 18 and over experience feelings of depression on a regular basis.

The consumption of CBD-infused coffee and tea has proven as the most effective way to treat these disorders and conditions. In as little as two months of consuming a CBD drink mix, you can wave goodbye to depression and anxiety. What this means is that you’ll be able to cope with daily challenges without disrupting your balance. Plus, since the potent herb contains 0% THC, you can enjoy your mix when and where you like.

Better gut health

There’s no doubt that stomach ailments can be quite unpleasant. When our stomach is upset, the first thing many of us do is turn to herbal teas for help. Licorice, ginger, lemongrass, and peppermint tend to be the most popular choices since they’re all powerful herbs offering soothing effects.

One way to boost the effect of these herbs is to drink them in combination with CBD. Not only will the CBD-infused natural home remedies provide relief to an upset stomach, but they’ll also improve digestion and ease gut inflammation, thus supporting gut health.

Relief from pain, inflammation, and seizures

Aside from digestion, CBD can also help with reduced muscular and joint pain when taken with tea and coffee. This is thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties CBD is known for. As a result, the individuals feel more energetic which helps boost their spirits. Many report their chronic pain disappearing after a two-month-long consumption of CBD tea.

The natural herbal extract is also known to reduce the occurrence of epileptic seizures by mediating them. Cannabidiol works by activating the receptors responsible for blood circulation. It can also help alleviate migraines and insomnia, two symptoms that are associated with epileptic seizures.

Better sleep

Last but not least, CBD-infused beverages such as CBD tea can also help individuals struggling with sleep disorders and problems. Sleep disorders affect around 70 million Americans, with 25% of them suffering from acute insomnia. Not getting enough sleep each night takes a toll on the overall health, reducing a person’s ability to function optimally.

Drinking a CBD-infused tea before bed can be a great way to curb insomnia and get a better night’s sleep. It works by addressing any discomfort a person might feel, whether it’s pain or stress, relaxing the body and mind. The soothing CBD flavors work best in combination with calming herbs such as lavender and chamomile, increasing sleep quality and ensuring peaceful, restorative sleep.

Wrapping up

Cannabidiol is a powerful compound that, when combined with tea and coffee, brings significant health benefits to the table. Given its wide range of healing properties, there’s no doubt that the non-psychoactive substance will continue to gain popularity in the years to come. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin experiencing the difference that CBD makes.