CBD Food and How It’s Helping People

CBD In Food: Is It Safe (And Legal) To Eat? What Are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD In Food: Is It Safe (And Legal) To Eat?
CBD In Food: Is It Safe (And Legal) To Eat?

CBD is the recent trend in the food and beverage industry that has people talking. Unlike other trends, it’s not a matter of taste or flavor alone that makes CBD so famous. CBD has real therapeutic benefits that are bound to make people feel better and address the pain ailments in their bodies.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and comes from the cannabis or hemp plant. Unlike its THC-rich cousin marijuana, it’s not psychoactive. Instead, CBD induces a sense of calm and relaxation without having hallucinogenic effects. You can still pretty much do your normal tasks even under CBD.

In places where CBD is legal, there has been a proliferation of CBD in the food and beverage industry. The following are just some common types of CBD-infused foods you’ll encounter:

  1. Gummies

CBD gummies are a great way to get CBD into your system. You can pop them in your mouth anywhere, and they’re also a discreet way of getting your CBD.

People who take CBD gummies claim that it has anxiety-reducing effects and that it helps with sleep.

  1. Cookies

You’ll encounter CBD-infused cookies that may have 25 mg of CBD in them. They come as organic raw and vegan. It comes in many flavors, such as oat, dates, or coconut.

CBD-infused cookies
CBD-infused cookies

It has the goodness of CBD, as well as the moist and sweet chewiness of a cookie.

  1. Sparkling Water

CBD infused products also come as a drink, and there’s an array of sparkling water flavors to choose from that’ll give you the good feeling of CBD.

CBD infused water
CBD infused water

CBD Sparkling water manufacturers claim that their products will give you a sense of balance and clarity.

  1. Breakfast Cereals

These cereals are not just out there to give you the nutrition and fiber you need to start your day. They can also help you with starting your day feeling relaxed and good about yourself, all thanks to the CBD infused in the breakfast cereals.

  1. Herbal Teas

CBD can also be taken as herbal teas. Teas by itself gives a sense of calm and relaxation. When it’s infused with CBD, it’ll have a double effect of creating a relaxed and calm mind.

  1. CBD Infused Popcorn

Go to an entirely new level of relaxation and chilling out with a CBD infused popcorn. Enjoy your favorite movies with a dash of popcorn that gives you more than just well-being from a good plot.

CBD infused popcorns are packed with at least 100 mg of pure organic CBD. Thus, you’ll get all the tasty goodness of popcorn plus the heady calming and relaxing benefits of CBD.

  1. CBD Infused Honey

If you’re thinking of a great substitute to CBD tinctures or oils, then CBD infused honey is the perfect choice for you. Each pot of honey has at least 250 g of high-quality CBD that’s sure to give relief to any of your concerns or ailments.

What’s great about this product is that it can be put in teas, or any other drink to help increase the flavor. High-quality CBD and high-quality honey make a powerful duo.

How CBD Food is Helping People

Now that you’re aware of the most common CBD-infused food, here’s how it’s helping people address their ailments:

  1. Relief From Chronic Pain and Inflammation

CBD helps calm pain in the body because the body has endocannabinoid receptors that bind to cannabis and immediately relieve inflammation and pain.

Pain is either neuropathic (chronic) or nociceptive (time-limited). It’s been observed that CBD helps in these two cases. Also, CBD is considered to be the most effective cure against pain.

  1. Anxiety and Stress

Many people who would ingest CBD want to feel good without getting high. Since ancient times, CBD has been a cure for anxiety and stress. In the present age, there had been numerous studies claiming that CBD helps in alleviating stress and anxiety.

CBD is particularly helpful in battling social anxiety. The endocannabinoid system in the brain has receptors that bind to the CBD, which help it work its anxiolytic effects. It also has an effect on the hippocampus, which is responsible for learning, memory, and emotions.

  1. Depression and Mood Disorders

CBD is a great therapeutic medication against depression. Depression can be a debilitating state because it’s characterized by low energy and persistent feelings of sadness.

CBD is said to help alleviate depression because the endocannabinoid system works similarly to the way serotonin and dopamine networks do, which are responsible for happiness and reward systems in the brain. CBD is said to be a fast antidepressant drug because it quickly raises serotonergic levels.

  1. Sleep Disorders

Part of the reason many people think of CBD as aiding in sleep is due to its calming and relaxing properties. However, some studies have shown that CBD doesn’t exactly induce sleep, and many trials have shown that it can be wake-inducing. Results are variable, though, since some studies also show that subjects were able to sleep hours after taking CBD.

The main benefit of CBD with sleep is that it helps calm stress, anxiety, and ease chronic pain. For people who suffer from these factors, alleviating their concerns can potentially help them sleep better.

Final Thoughts:

The food and beverage industry says that CBD is the number one food trend of the decade. CBD certainly helps with a lot of issues and has therapeutic benefits from mild ailments to even major ones. Research has been favorable to CBD, and infusing it in food makes it available for the wider public.

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