Contraceptive Pill: Everything You Should Know About  Yaz

Contraceptive Pill
Contraceptive Pill

If you are sexually active and yet not ready for a baby, you might consider using a contraceptive pill. Nowadays, it is the easiest, safest and effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Well even though that is the primary purpose of the contraceptive pill, it also has different benefits to women especially on menstrual problems like dysmenorrhea, irregular period and it can even cure hormonal acne.

There are a lot of them available right now in the market; however, it is essential that you know which of these contraceptive pill works best for you. One of them is Yaz, here is everything you should know about Yaz.

What is Yaz?

It is a combination type of contraceptive pill. This is a mixture of two female hormones which are estradiol (estrogen)  and drospirenone (progestin). Its function is to prevent the release of the egg from the ovary, and it stops the ovulation during the menstrual cycle and thickening the vaginal fluid to prevent the sperm cell from traveling to the uterus. In that way the fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus, it can also cure menstrual problems and hormonal acne.

However, using this pill will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.  It has two colors, round and it is imprinted of ”DS” or ”DP”. In a pack, it has 24 tablets.

How to take Yaz?

Upon opening the box, you are going to see a leaflet provided. It is essential to read the information written in the pamphlet before taking medicine. If it is unclear to you, ask your pharmacist and doctor for more details. It is taken orally, one tablet per day with water. You must follow the instruction from the leaflet to know what is the first tablet to take. Each tablet has different dosages that are why you have to take it according to the day indicated in the pack.

You have to take the pill at the same time each day, if you miss one single tablet, you must not continue taking it, and you have to repurchase a new pack. Usually, if it’s your first time to use this contraceptive and you are not using any other contraceptive, it is taken on the first Sunday following at the beginning of your menstrual cycle. Since it’s your first time to use a contraceptive pill, you may use other birth controls like a condom for the early 7 days to prevent pregnancy.

How much it will cost you to use Yaz?

The retail price of the Yaz, birth control pill, is around $80. It may cost you a lot since it is not a one time purchase, you have to take it every month until you don’t want to be pregnant. If you are going to buy 12 boxes for a year supply that would cost you around $960 if the price does not change, however, you can also take advantage of some discounts, vouchers or coupons being offered right now like yaz coupon.

Side effects and precautions in using Yaz Pill

Most of the medicines have side effects, and it has no exemptions, not even Yaz. While taking this pill, you are going to feel headaches, breast tenderness, bloating, nausea, or weight changes. It can also affect your moods like you will be sleepy all day or the opposite. Spotting or missed periods are normal to happen especially in the first period you are taking the pill. These side effects are expected to occur because the contraceptive pill is working on your hormones.

Hormonal changes in your body will likely to happen so you must ready yourself about these changes, it is a must that your partner knows about these or the people around you like your friends and families to avoid conflicts in your day to day activities. Before taking the pill, it is a must that you talk to your doctor about your medical history or if you are allergic in estrogen and progestin to avoid any complications to happen while taking the drug.


If you are not yet ready to have a baby no matter what reasons you have, then you should learn more about contraceptives. You should start to talk to a doctor or read more about it, in that way you will know what is the right contraceptive for you and which of them works best for you. Always remember that before you take any contraceptives, you must tell your doctor everything about your medical history, your purpose of using it and always follow the right way of taking it. If you missed taking the pill, do not be afraid to tell it to your doctor to get medical advice on what to do.  It is better to prevent undesired things to happen than to regret it in your entire life.

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