Darjeeling Tea: Benefits and Nutrition Facts
Darjeeling Tea: Benefits and Nutrition Facts

The French have their champagne, and India has Darjeeling tea! Founded in the region of the same name, Darjeeling tea is a world-fame dark tea that is loved for its light and sensitive hotness, called “muscatel” by the tea business.

And now that science has proven that tea soothes away stress, there is no better time to enjoy a cup of Darjeeling tea – or eight.


Darjeeling Tea was originally rooted by the British in the queen of hills –Darjeeling during the 1800’s. The British specifically selected Assam, Nilgiri,and Darjeeling to endure trading tea and to add profits to their reserves.

Amongst many teas made in Assam and Nilgiri, Darjeeling Tea was branded as queen of teas. The ardent fan of tea across the globe turns into loyal admirers of Darjeeling Tea owing to its charismatic aroma and muscatel zest. Darjeeling Tea later has been honored as the “Champagne of Teas” and is generally drunk plain, whereas the other teas were taken in the breakfast time.


Darjeeling Tea can be easily recognized by tiny leaves and the color. Throughout the engineering process, Darjeeling Tea is not fully oxidized. It is also not a full dark tea but the color bear a resemblance to somewhere between Oolongs and Black tea.


The fantabulous taste and the heavenly aroma of Darjeeling Tea are owed to the manufacturing process still used since the British era. Famous as “Orthodox Manufacturing Process,” typically done by the workers. The processing involves expert responsiveness so that ultimate variants can be introduced in the processing method.

The change undertaken in the manufacturing process provides Darjeeling Tea with its very own distinctive savor and aroma. The subject on the time of harvest, also identified as flush, Darjeeling Tea differs in taste. Labeled as owing a muscatel taste, Darjeeling Tea has an irreplaceable essence due to geraniol, linalool, terpenoids and fatty acid degradation throughout the manufacturing method. Concluded by the years of research, Darjeeling Tea is more volatile and stouter compared to other teas. The typical taste is also due to tea DNAs from China and the hilly terrain of Darjeeling Hills where the eminent Darjeeling Tea is grown.

So come out and get the handpicked Darjeeling Tea to get a genuine taste of champagne of teas from the Darjeeling Hills.

Hailing The Health Benefits Of The Queen Of Tea- Darjeeling Tea:

Stimulate antioxidant in the body:

Darjeeling tea is full of dual intricate antioxidants termed theaflavins and thearubigins. These antioxidants relief and neutralize harmful free radicals, and possibly decrease the free radical damage that can hit cell membranes and DNA, and elevate your chance for chronic disease.

Uphold positive cardiovascular effects:

As per the latest report intake of four to five cups of Darjeeling, black tea every day may support in dipping blood pressure levels and cardiovascular disease risk in long run.

Help prevent obesity and promote weight loss:

Sipping Darjeeling black tea may encourage expansion of microbial metabolites that may help in regulating energy metabolism. The tea may perhaps also benefit in weight loss and lower obesity risk.

Recover gut health:

The study points out that black tea may arouse the production of numerous good gut bacteria and reduce the threat of bacterial infection.

Improvement in gastric ulcers

According to the latest report published by Natural medicines, it is emphasized that Darjeeling tea is loaded with amino acid, possessed defensive properties toward an NSAID-induced gastric ulcer.

Succour with sinking diabetes possibility:

Numerous studies deep-rooted that consumption of Darjeeling tea occasioned in a lower diabetes risk.

Restored Oral Health

Many surveys publicised that higher tea consumption had resulted in greater oral micro biota richness, assortment,and moves in overall community composition, though coffee drinkers had none. As oral micro biota acts as a vital role in oral health, drinking Darjeeling tea will boost your overall oral health in check from bacteria’s and tooth decay and strep throat.

Fortifies The Immune System

You can evade the common conditions such as flu and colds by sipping Darjeeling tea at least once each day. The Darjeeling tea has a substance called Theanine which can brace your immune by preventing the bad outcome of cortisol, thus improving your body’s response beside contagions.

Stay Well Hydrated

To zone out lack of fluids, physicians vouch for a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, and that can include tea. Tea is a brew packed with antioxidants and flavonoids. A well-hydrated immune system can fetch a positive influence on your mood, empowers muscles and joints to work well, and aid eliminates fecal waste more powerfully by averting constipation.


Darjeeling tea is well-thought-out superior tea, predominantly by tea lovers all over the world. If not a fan of black tea then combines it with milk and sugar; however, drinking it traditionally would be superlative so you can take bliss of most of its health benefits. Addition of sugar or milk may cut the force of antioxidants and flavonoids in the tea.

Furthermore, Darjeeling tea comprises substantial extents of antioxidants that help in fighting the harms borne by free radicals, which are frequently the source of today’s devastating ailments. There is no question that Darjeeling Tea is classy and it is pretty exceptional to get, except for some forte shops who bid a range of quality loose leaf teas from all over the world. Always search for reputed and old Darjeeling organic tea estates in India. Choose the right one to be gifted to relish the true taste of the cuppas from the gardens of the hill station.