Delicious Donut Recipes To Warm Your Soul


Life is full of sweet, small pleasures that bring a smile to our face and make our days brighter. A perfect example of this is the globally-adored treat – donuts! Soft, sweet, and perfectly round, donuts are a sugary snack few can resist. Once you try them, it’s difficult to stop at just one. Aside from being a treat that you can munch on at practically any time of the day, donuts are also really fun to experiment with.

If you’re looking to make these spring days a bit sweeter and surprise your taste buds, here are some of the most delicious donut recipes to warm your soul and make an ordinary day extra special.

Fun fruity cereal donuts

A fun way to change up your breakfast routine, fruity cereal donuts are what dreams are made of. Sugary and rainbow-colored, they’re excellent for both mornings and as a snack. Start by preheating the oven to 220˚C, and using the non-stick pan for greasing.

Prepare the glaze by mixing milk (180ml) and flavored rice cereals (30g). While the cereals soak for about 20 minutes, combine baking powder (11/2 tsp), crushed cereal (30g), flour (310g), salt (½ tsp), and baking soda (¼ tsp). Use a separate bowl to mix eggs (2), milk (240ml), vanilla extract (½ tsp), sugar (200g), and vegetable oil (120ml).

Pipe the donut batter in the donut pans, and bake for 10 minutes. Once transferred to a wire rack, let the donuts cool. Prepare the glaze by using 1⁄4 cup cereal milk and sifted powdered sugar (270g). Dip your cooled donuts into the glaze (just the top) and then into cereals (45g). Let dry for about 20 minutes, and voila – your tasty, rainbow-colored fruity cereal donuts are ready to be enjoyed.

Indulging red velvet donuts

Fluffy and flavorful, red velvet donuts taste as good as they look. Start by mixing vanilla extract (1 tsp), dark brown sugar (½ cup), and an egg, along with some melted butter (2 ½ tbsp). Then, whisk in dry ingredients – cocoa powder (2 tbsp), baking powder (1 tsp), salt (½ tsp), and all-purpose baking flour (1 cup), and then add buttermilk (½ cup).

Look for quality ingredients such as Caravan bakery products and get all the supplies beforehand. If you indulge in donuts more often, buying in bulk will make sure you always have the necessary ingredients on hand when that sweet tooth kicks in.

After you’ve mixed all the ingredients, it’s time to give red velvet donuts their signature fiery hue. You can do so by adding red food coloring (2 tsp). As they bake in the oven preheated to 180˚C, prepare the cream cheese frosting by mixing soft butter (3 tbsp), vanilla extract (1 tsp), sifted confectioner’s sugar (2 cups), milk (2 tbsp), salt, and, of course, soft cream cheese (3 ounces). Once the donuts have cooled, frost them, and enjoy!

Flavor-packed peach donuts

This one is a bit different, but equally as tasty and fun to experiment with as any other donut recipe. A great way to eat more fruit, the sweet peach donuts are fruity, moist, and certain to have you running for seconds. To get started, get a dozen of Saturn peaches first.

Begin by mixing the flour (1 ½ cup) with sugar (½ cup) and salt (½ tsp), along with spices like cinnamon (½ tsp) and nutmeg (¼ tsp), and then add butter (2 tsp), an egg, and milk (1 cup) to the mixture. Fill a pot with vegetable oil and put in the donut peach – there should be enough oil for it to float. 

Heat it up to 180˚C for ten minutes, and mix sugar (½ cup) and cinnamon (1/3 tsp) for dipping the fried donuts. Dip the peaches into the batter and let them fry in the oil. Once out, put some vanilla ice cream on top and rely on the warm-cool combination to indulge your senses.

Wrapping up

Perfectly sweet and tasty, donuts are a snack everyone enjoys. They are a reliable staple for virtually any occasion, and they make the perfect comfort food at the end of a long day or week. All that’s left is to choose which one of these delicious donut recipes you’ll be trying next.

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