Difference between Male & Female Orgasm

Men and women are almost the same when it comes to all kind of actions and reactions – only thing timing and capacity may differ and of course it also depends on the people who are involved in the scene.

The difference is all about the tolerance of the woman or the man and each has got a different spectrum of having excitement or getting burnt out quickly.

Whenever you are having orgasms, do you realize that apart from you, what is going on through your partner’s mind and body? Orgasm in itself is not a feeling and sensation but it easily affects both the people involved in the process and it leaves both easily gratified and happy.

Many people are of the opinion that orgasm and ejaculation happen almost instantly one after the other. However, that is not entirely true. Some men are not able to ejaculate immediately and stay on for longer time. They are not able to physically detach or ejaculate and there are chances that they get more into orgasms. Research suggests that men reach masturbation after two minutes or less in 75% cases.

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Women on the same chords as men experience the same kind of sensation when it comes to orgasm. The length of the ultimate peak depends on the individual person’s strength and the way they are able to crusade through the entire sexual experience. At times, it can be confusing to know whether the women have reached the peak of their orgasm but it is something subjective to wonder about.


Close research and pilot studies have suggested that the patterns might vary and depends upon the energy levels and also moods matter a lot. After all, it is considered to be the most endearing experience of your relationship and sometimes the different energy and enthusiasm levels play a major role and enable to achieve the kind of wonderful time that you would want.

Difference or no difference – it is just lots of positive energy and good sexual time that will help you reach your desired peak and then it is ultimate bliss of your love making.

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