Do HGH Helps in Weight Loss?

Do HGH helps in weight loss
Do HGH helps in weight loss

Can human growth hormones help in burning fat and build muscles? Can the hormone that promotes cell regeneration and cell reproduction be a dieter’s dream come true?

This hunt for effortless weight dropping makes some people take HGH in capsules, powder, and injections. A couple of studies related shows that HGH injection with fat loss and muscle gain. Some specialists believe that HGH is not validated by the food and drug administration for weight loss.

How HGH Works?

Let me catch up on true physiological significance to derive answers.

Through the pituitary gland, HGH is produced to fuel growth and development in children. It also supports human body functions, say for example tissue repairing, muscle growth, proper functioning of brain, energy, and metabolism, throughout your life. Production of HGH is at its utmost during Juvenile years and study is reduced with age. Research has shown that obese adults have lower levels than normal-weight adults.

A fast endurance is a sure process to lose weight and to make sure fat does not get stored up in your body.

Let me tell you – in 1990, an experiment was carried out which showed that HGH injections were helping in expanding the human muscle mass by 8.8% and it was reducing the body fat by 14%. The experiment which held on some sort of people did not exercise 9 had a human growth hormone diet. A similar experiment was carried out by the University of California, where 26 months of study was done. After this long study, the people who were participating lost almost 13 kg while they had gained a lean muscle weight of 4%.

Lipase and Lipoprotein lipase hormone these two enzymes are responsible for the HGH weight loss. A lot of energy is required to break down fat.

Are you aware of the fact that HGH levels increase while you are sleeping?

You heard it right but don’t panic this is especially true when you sleep in a 100% dark room with no traces of light. In completely dark conditions the production of melatonin increases. The amount of human growth hormone also increases in the body when its level is high.

Small changes, however weight loss is nil: –

If people who have HGH deficiency that is the result of any pituitary disease are provided with HGH replacement, it improves their body composition by increasing the bone and muscle masses and at the same time decreases fat stores.

However, when the co-author who analyzed the evaluation and effectiveness of HGH for weight loss in people who are obese take this then there was no weight loss.

Pills And Powders; Risky And Pricey

HGH comes in the injectable model, usually given every other week, and is available only with a doctor’s prescription HGH injections are approved to treat adults and young ones who have growth hormone deficiency for people who are undergoing organ transplants.

The scientist has warned people and has said that HGH is only effective when injected. Some companies who are marketing HGH pills and powders have also claimed that their products have the same effects on the people as the injection.

The epilogue;

If we concentrate on studies and research then we can say that using HGH for weight loss or for building muscle is a topic full of controversies. Studies suggest that taking HGH is not good for your health, however, it can help you to lose some extra weight.

So here you need to decide whether you want to use HGH for weight loss or not. However, I would suggest going the natural way of losing extra kilos through physical activities.

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